October 13, 2011 admin

What have the Badals to say about hijack of cable network trade in Punjab?

            Capt. Amarinder Singh may have given govt. sponsored ads to Punjab Today TV channel as alleged by Akali Dal but did he ever gag other TV channels or hijack the cable network in the state to favour congress?

            The Badals owe an explanation to the people of Punjab for having ousted each and every player in the cable network trade including the Citi Cable co. The entire cable network as of now stands hijacked and monopolized by front companies of the Badal family such as Fastway cable. Like the hijack of transport business, all cable operators across the state were muzzled and coerced to hand over their respective areas to ‘benami’ companies owned  by the Badal family having a Ludhiana businessman in the front.

            The modus operandi was simple to misuse the police to register false criminal cases of piracy, theft etc. against these local cable operators forcing them to hand over their trade to Fastway cable network co.

            The conspiracy to hijack the cable network in the state was hatched by the Badal family for political gains. Having their own PTC channel with one sided programmes and news favouring the SAD-BJP govt. was part of the meticulous and well planned conspiracy to influence people. Any TV channel that highlighted the anti-people policies of the govt. such as Day and Night TV channel, they are never allowed space on the cable network. Only those TV channels that swear allegiance to the Badal family are allowed on the cable network, since a very large viewership is still dependent on cable network and do not have private dishes.

Therefore, I support the gauntlet thrown by Capt. Amarinder Singh to the CM on the issue of gagging of media, let the CM decide the venue and time and the congress will expose threadbare the nefarious designs of hijack of cable network at the behest of the Badals.


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