September 29, 2011 admin

Interaction Meet with the Youth of Bangladesh

CHANDIGARH-September 29, 2011:The Department of Gandhian Studies organized a Meet with the students of BanglaDesh who are presently in Chandigarh to attend the World Peace Festival organised by Yuva Satta. At 10:00 a.m. the Foreign Guests were received with warm welcome by the Chairman, Members of the Faculty, Researchers and Students of the Department of Gandhian Studies in Gandhi Bhawan. The chairman of the Department Professor Manohar Lal Sharma gave a warm welcome and introduced the Theme of the Meet “Why Non-violence?” He elaborated on the issue of relevance and significance of Non-violence in the present scenario of violence in all walks of life and reminded that now man has become the biggest killer. He emphasized on some vital issues to combat violence to safeguard the existence of humanity. The youth from Bangla Desh expressed their views on the subject and interacted with the students and teachers of the Department. Those who spoke included Dr. Manish Sharma, Anshul, Salma Sonia, Dr. H.S. Nagi from Government College, Ludhiana and Mr. Talwar a social worker. In the last the Bangla Desh youth thanked the Department and felt happy to be in the Department of Gandhian Studies and also gave an open invitation to visit the University of Dhaka and other places in Bangla Desh.

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