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Ek Bharat Ek Sandesh !!!!

Bharat Sandesh – combination of two words, reflects our portal’s essence & represents what the website hopes to achieve. The two words are Bharat and Sandesh. The word Bharat’ comes from Hindi and translated in English means “India” . The other word Sandesh means “message”, so Bharat Sandesh is thus a news & info portal about News & information from India.

Bharat Sandesh Info Web was conceptualized with a view to disseminate quality reporting to the Indians especially Punjabis across the globe. We aim to objectively present news and views to Indian audience living not only within the confines of this great country but also people of Indian origin living around the world. We will always endeavor to provide the up to date news, views, information & entertainment. It brings news from across the country and globe for the locals as well as Indian diaspora spread across North America, European Union, Far East, Asia Pacific and Gulf countries. With timely news, views, editorials, interviews, tech news we try to keep you informed of all things important taking place in your part of the world.

India with its immense knowledge-based economy is poised to become a world leader within a very short period of time. The fast paced growth of Indian economy as well as the changed image of the country -from people of snake charmers to technology drivers, is to a large extent due to the wonderful work being done by people of our country who have been living in different countries.

The Bharat Sandesh team comprises of dedicated content writers, editors and creative personnel. The original idea was conceptualized by the far sighted visualization of Dr. Charanjit Singh Gumtala & Prof. Mohan Singh. It was given present shape by our technical consultants and creative brains – Mr. Anantdeep Singh Dhillon & Prem Singh. The concept was implemented and the project running with active back-end support of a dedicated team at Cyberbrainz Web Solutions.

The web portal is managed through our global network with our web development and news-hub headquartered in the city of Amritsar (India). The dedicated team keeps tab on local, national and global developments as and when they happen and brings for you the best news and info content.

The aims of Bharat Sandesh Web Portal :

1. To project the true heritage and culture of India using the Internet as a diverse medium, with text, photos and other dynamic content.

2. Being a pioneer in the field of English & Punjabi news & information systems, Bharat Sandesh endeavor is to reach out to a wide base of viewer ship through the e-media locally as well as globally.

3. We intend to present a bouquet of content from different news and info feeds to create one-stop news & info source for our visitors from India & across the globe.

4. The ultimate stress will be on the projection & presentation about the heritage of Punjab and cities of North India.

The Editorial & Web Team

  • Dr. Charanjit Singh Gumtala

    ( Chief Managing Editor)
    Tel: +91- 183- 258 2323,
    +91- 94175 33060

  • S. Harjap Singh Aujla

    Patron & Advisor Editorial Team
    Tel: +1-732 329 0981

  • S. Joginder Singh Kalsi

    Patron & Advisor
    Tel: +1- 416 445 5497

  • Sameep Singh

    Editor (Aviation & Technology)
    Tel: +1 (937) 540-4140

  • Prof. Mohan Singh

    Editor (News & English Media)
    Tel: +91- 183- 258 1514

  • Dr. Hardeep Singh Deep

    Editor (Science & Health)
    Tel : +91- 98156 13494
    Email :

  • Dr. Mandeep Pujara

    Editor (Science & Agriculture)
    Tel: +91- 98143 48887

  • Amrit Lal Mannan

    Editor (Youth & Education)
    Tel: +91- 94632 24535

  • Anant Dhillon

    Executive Editor & Web Administrator
    Email :

Glimpses of inaugural Launch Ceremony:

S. Rajmohinder Singh Majithia , Member of Parliament inagurating the Bharat Sandesh
website at a simple impressive ceremony in Ashoka Senior Secondary School, Amritsar
on 7th June, 2007.

Seen in the picture (L to R) Mr. Y.P Gupta, S. Jasbir Singh Hanspal (Bank of Montreal- Canadal),
Dr. Charanjit Singh Gumtala, Prof. Mohan Singh, S. Rajmohinder Singh Majithia(M.P.),
Dr. Hardeep Singh Deep & Mr. Hardeep Singh (Onset Technologies).

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