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Campaign for Vehicle-Free Day by IYPF delegates

SEPT 30, CHANDIGARH – The day of delegates started with a bus full of IYPF delegates reached Panjab University’s gate no. 2, another one was at Press Chowk, three more groups of young change makers campaign at Kisan Bhawan light point, Aroma Crossing & Transport chowk with a slogan of ‘Change the Climate Change’ with more of car-pooling, observing a vehicle free day, use of bicycles and walking for short distances.. This activity was also cherished by travellers passing through the junction, when they received flyers, stickers and saw awareness banners  on the them. The campaign was supported by Indian Oil Co. Ltd., Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration & Yuvsatta.


Moreover, the by-passers were sensitized about the noble cause. While the flyers carried information about the celebration of ‘No Honking Day’, the participants divulged much more about how we, as responsible citizens, have the duty to bring a change and reverse the ill-effects of pollutants being emitted from vehicles. `32;


Press Conference: Indo-Pak visa restrictions


SEPT 30, CHANDIGARH PRESS CLUB – Taking into account the yet again denial of visas to the 50 Pakistani delegates to attend the 6th International Youth Peace Fest 2011 (IYPF), a press conference was held today by Yuvsatta the organizers of IYPF, at the Chandigarh Press Club concerning the “Indo-Pak visa restrictions”. Where Raman Magsaysay Award winner peace activist Sandeep Pandey, American Gandhi Donald McAvinchey and Pramod Sharma, Coordinator, Yuvsatta shared their concern for change in easing the present visa restrictions.


Sandeep Pandey, Social Activist, expressed his grief over the ongoing visa issues between India and Pakistan in his address to the press. He talked about his personal experiences and of others who have been facing difficulties because of the “baseless restrictions” imposed by the Governments of both countries.


“Though the Governments are willing to open these barriers, it’s the bureaucracy which creates the hurdles. These restrictions are imposed only on the ones who want to walk through the Wagah Border, and not those who take the air route; which seems like yet another baseless rule,” he added.


Sandeep Pandey also spoke about the incident of 2005 in which bureaucratic procedures delayed the approval for visas by ten days for a ‘path yatra’ from Delhi to Multan; even though the Prime Ministers of both countries had given their respective approvals.


Further he questioned that if these boundaries are meant for preventing terroist activities, then why do we have incidences like the blasts in Mumbai. He appealed to the authorities to understand the fact that such people do not wait for the Governments’ approval in the form of visas to do so. Ultimately, these restrictions are simply keeping families and friends apart.


American Gandhi, Donald McAvinchy also expressed his concern on this issue and said, “It’s just the physical boundaries which are restricted. Perhaps Gandhi’s vision of seeing a boundary free India and Pakistan will only be possible if we start listening to people who support peace and prosperity.”


Considering all these arguments, on the recommendation of Tushar Gandhi, an appeal has been drafted. It will eventually be presented to the Honorable Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan collectively by Sandeep Pandey, Akshay Kumar, President, PUTA (Panjab University Teachers Association), Saeeda Diep (Director Institute of Peace & Secular Studies, Lahore) and Pramod Sharma (Coordinator of Yuvsatta). `32;



Veteran Gandhian Peace Activist Dr. SN Subba Rao at Peace Fest


September 30;  Internationally acclaimed gandhian peace activist and youth motivator Dr. SN Subba Rao also reached the youth peace delegates with message of be the change you wish to see if the world. He motivated them to take up a cause and live to fulfill their ideas of sustainable peace & development.                                 




The Green Campaigner Sandhya Prakash, Founder of Meveg, UAE was at IYPF promoting vegetarianism.


SEPT 30, Chandigarh; “Did you know that by switching your diet to purely vegetarian, you are actually contributing to the environment? How? Well for starters you are able to avoid the excessive production of carbon dioxide, reduce the production of methane/nitrous oxide, save larger amounts of water and avoid further pollution of bodies of water, minimise the destruction of topsoil, tropical rainforest, wildlife habitats and endangered species, and lessen the use of antibiotics, growth promoters and chemicals”, these little factoids may not be easily accessible to oblivious individuals like you and me, but today Sandhya Prakash founder of the Middle East Vegetarian Group (MEVEG), shared the same addressing the peace fest delegates at third day of Peace Festival at Dev Samaj College of Education, Chandigarh. As the Founder and Director of the organisation, she has envisioned a group focused in promoting the increase consumption of plant based foods for green, light and healthy living. MEVEG provides the public an opportunity to try vegetables from the wide range of products available on the market. It helps spread the awareness of healthy diet with the following mission.


Later Dr. SN Subba Rao honoured her for her valuable contributions..


The eventful day ended with a mesmerizing cultural evening where young people from US, Spain, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal and our own Oxfam-India supported group of Bapu Dham Butterflies entertained the participants with dances and reverberating music..
1. Students in Schools of tricity to take a pledge to uphold the values of nonviolence. At GMSSS 46, Sri Lankan Councillors to Administer Pledge at 9 a.m.
2. At Paragon Sr. Sec. School, Sector 70, Mohali , american gandhi Bernie Meyer to adminsiter the pledge to young students
3. In the evening at Sector 17 Plaza, young peace fest delegates to campaign to save girl child at Sector 17 Plaza, between 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


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