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LUDHIANA (Bharat Sandesh News) – In the quest of obtaining high crop yields, the farmers are developing a tendency to apply urea, a nitrogen containing fertilizer, indiscriminately. As nitrogenous fertilizers are produced by industrial fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, their non-judicious use is leading to significant disturbance in the global nitrogen cycle. This was stated by an eminent scientist and ICAR National Professor, Dr Bijay Singh while delivering the 2nd Dr G S Sekhon Memorial Lecture organized by Ludhiana Chapter of the Indian Society of Soil Science (ISSS) at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) Ludhiana. Dr   Singh cautioned that the human interventions have disturbed the natural atmosphere causing global warming and other health hazards. He further stated that the time was now ripe to rethink the use of fertilizers in the state of Punjab where the farmers are tending to apply higher doses than recommended by the scientists.
            The event was presided over by the Vice Chancellor of PAU, Dr B S Dhillon who stated that the farmers need to go for site-specific and need-based application of nitrogen fertilizer using leaf colour chart and other techniques to various crops. Dr Dhillon  appreciated the role of Indian Society of Soil Science in organizing such lectures in the memory of renowned soil scientists. He lauded  the Department of Soil Science for its scientific contributions at the international and national levels.
            Dr U S Sadana,   Head of Department of Soil Science, said that this lecture was organized in the memory of Dr G S Sekhon who was a well known personality, who was an alumni of PAU and the head of the Department of Soil Science at PAU, had contributed a lot in improving the state agricultural production.
            Dr S S Kukal, Secretary of Ludhiana Chapter of the Society informed that this lecture series was started by the ISSS in the year 2011 and this will be an annual event of the   Society, which will be organized by different chapters all over the country. The function ended with a vote of thanks by the Secretary of the Society.  

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