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Punjabi University Credited with Software Copyright

Patiala (Bharatsandesh News):Language Barrier is a major issue during communication among people knowing different languages. Punjabi University Patiala is doing lot of efforts in removing this barrier by developing software related to Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Dr. Gurpreet Singh Lehal and Dr. Vishal Goyal, Department of Computer Science, Punjabi University Patiala has developed a software for translating the Hindi text into Punjabi on the click of button. It took them about more than 4 years for its development and the translation quality is also good. Dr. Goyal informed that Dr. G.S. Lehal gave him the idea for developing such translation software which would be beneficial for general public, journalists, publishers, professional translators etc in future. He started developing this software in 2006 as his research project for Ph.D. course. With the efforts of IPR Cell and Planning & Monitoring Cell of Punjabi University, the software has been copyrighted by Ministry of Human Resources and Development’s Copyright Registrar Office with the name of The Registrar, Punjabi University, Patiala with authors as Dr. G.S. Lehal and Dr. Vishal Goyal. Dr. Devinder Singh, Director, Planning and Monitoring and Dr. Raman, In charge, IPR Cell told that to the best of their knowledge, Punjabi University is the first among the universities in this region to get the first copyright of any software. Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice Chancellor, Dr. A.S. Chawla, Registrar, Dr. S.S. Tiwana, Dean Academic affairs, Dr. Chandan Singh, Dean Research  and Dr. Jyotsna Sengupta, Head of Computer Science Department appraised  of the efforts put in by Dr. G. S. Lehal and Dr. Vishal Goyal in developing this software. The software has the feature of translating the complete website in Hindi into Punjabi retaining the format of the website on the click of the button by providing just the URL of that website. It also has the feature of writing the email in Hindi and recipient receives the email in Punjabi, thus removing the language barrier for communication. Dr. Lehal informed that they have also provided the extended feature as translating English text into Punjabi text using Google’s English to Hindi translation API. This software is available for free and can be accessed from the website He also informed that improving the quality of translation by this software is their regular task and they always welcome the feedback from the end users of this software for its improvement. Dr. G.S.Lehal and Dr. Vishal Goyal also informed that currently he is working on projects like development of plagiarism software for Indian languages, software for deaf and dumb people, Urdu to Punjabi Translation Software, Punjabi Text To Speech Help for People with Cognitive Disabilities, Development of Robust Document Image Analysis and Bilingual Recognition System for Printed Gurmukhi and Roman Scripts, Development of Robust Document Image Analysis and Recognition System for Printed Urdu Script etc.


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