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Review the progress of all Banks and Govt. Agencies of Amritsar

 Amritsar  – District Consultative Committee Meeting of Amritsar District for the q.e. June,2011 was held at Bachat Bhawan Amritsar today to review the progress of all Banks and Govt. Agencies of Amritsar District. The meeting was presided over by Sh. Parneet Bhardwaj Additional Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar.
Sh. S K Pasrija Assistant General Manager, Punjab National Bank Amritsar, Sh.Parneet Bhardwaj ADC (Development)Sh. Jatinder Mankotia, Chief Lead District Manager,Sh.K S Bhullar , AGM ,RBI Sh. Surinder Singh, AGM NABARD and Senior Officers from different Banks, Govt. departments/Agencies have also attended the meeting.
Sh. Jatinder Mankotia, Chief Lead District Manager welcomed all the participants and congratulated the District Administration especially Deputy Commissioner Amritsar, Sh. Rajat Agarwal & ADC (D) Sh. Parneet Bhardwaj for taking whole hearted interest in the development of the Amritsar district.
While addressing the meeting Sh.Parneet Bhardwaj , A D C (D)Amritsar said that :-
Bankers of Amritsar District have achieved all the quarterly target allocated for the q.e. June,2011 and deserve appreciation. However CD ratio of the District is going down which needs special attention. Economic development of the District will be possible only when BPL (Below Poverty line) group should be up lifted through Micro Financing e.g. Self Help Groups, SGSY and Govt. sponsored schemes such as DRI, SGSY etc.
While giving Key note address Shri S K Pasrija, A G M PNB informed that :-
Disbursement / Credit flow under ACP during the Ist quarter ended June,2011 had been to the tune of Rs. 893.04 Crores against the target of Rs. 786.60 Crores, showing achievement of 111.03%.
Disbursement in Agriculture sector, during the Ist quarter ended June,2011 touched the figure of Rs. 501.62 crores against the proportionate target of Rs. 399.63 crores showing achievement of 125.52 %.
Aggregate deposits of banks in Amritsar District have increased from Rs. 13709 crores as at June,2010 to Rs. 17049 crores as at end of June,2011, registering a yearly growth of Rs. 3340 crores ( 24.36% ).
Credit growth in the District had been from Rs. 6760 Crores as at March,2010 to Rs. 7400 as at March,2011 showing yearly growth of Rs 640 Crores (9.47% ).
So as to boost agriculture credit the banks have issued KCCs to 1739 farmers amounting to Rs. 69.01 crores during the period from 01.04.2011 to 30.06.2011 and on accumulated basis 153821 KCCs have been issued amounting to Rs. 1462.39 crores.
Under SSI Sector, credit flow up to 31.06.2011, had been to the tune of Rs. 169.11 crores against target of Rs. 194.69 crores showing achievement of 86.86%.
The District has achieved all other National goals e.g. PS Advances to total advances, Agriculture advances to total advances, advances to weaker sector and advances to women beneficiaries. The performance in respect of DRI advances is however, not up to the desired level.
The performance under Govt. sponsored schemes such as PMEGP, SGSY, etc is satisfactory, while the disbursement process needs to be expedited.
ShJatinder Mankotia also desired bankers should take keen interest in Micro Financing through Self Help Groups, DRI and other schemes for BPL families . The Bankers should make sincere efforts to make improvement in the deposits & advances in the District and also to achieve all budgets in respect of govt. sponsored programmes allocated for the current financial year 2011-12 .

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