October 6, 2011 admin

Badals doing a Sanjiv Bhatt, IPS, in Punjab by intimidating an honest Lok Pal IG Sh. Shamlal Ghakhar enquiring against them

As we are aware, the Lok Pal Punjab has recently directed IG Lok Pal
Sh. Shamlal Ghakhar, IPS, to enquiry into allegations leveled against the Chief Minister and his family for misusing their official positions, to promote their family owned transport business in the State.  Besides this, the IG Lok Pal is also in the process of enquiring into the Rs. 100 crores land grab scandal of Bibi Jagir Kaur in Kapurthala to which the Chief Minister has been made a party.
In order to intimidate, threaten and coerce Sh. Shamlal Ghakhar IG into their submission the Badals are doing a Sanjiv Bhatt, IPS, arrested by the Gujarat CM.  These fascist and autocratic Chief Minister’s are using all possible means to scuttle any investigation against their misdeeds by misusing the might of the state. The Deputy CM directed the Patiala administration to harass the family of the IG on frivolous grounds such as to get his official house vacated.  Wife and children of the IG were traumatized by these official ‘Goondas’ in the absence of the IG day before yesterday, forcing them to vacate their official home.
What is surprising is the attitude and behavior of these officials, while an appeal against the ex-parte order of SDM Patiala is pending with the Commissioner Patiala Sh. M. S. Ladhar, IAS in the matter. There are large number of seniors officers at Chandigarh and district headquarters who are overstaying in their officials residences but the said IG has been singled out to intimidate him not to pursue the complaint against the family of the CM.
For public consumption, Mr. Badal and his Akali brigade organized ‘Dharnas’ in Punjab recently to show solidarity with Sh. Anna Hazare demanding a strong Jan Lok Pal Bill.  But in reality the Badals are not only terrorizing an honest IG like Sh. Ghakhar but in the process are also weakening the institution of Lok Pal  in Punjab.  It only shows the double standards of the Badals on the issue of corruption.
Therefore, the congress party unequivocally condemns the terrorizing techniques adopted by the junior Badal to harass honest and clean officers like Sh. Shamlal Ghakhar fighting the menace of corruption.  The congress also demands an un conditional apology from the Deputy CM for official ‘Goondas’ misbehaving with the wife and children of the said IG.

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