October 6, 2011 admin


Ludhiana – Dr. S.S. Sikka, Head Department of Animal Nutrition, GADVASU, Ludhiana and Dr. M.S Pannu, Prof. Animal Nutrition attended the National Symposium on “The Significance of Veterinary Nutrition for Health & Production of Animals of Agro-ecological Importance” organised by Indian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition and animal welfare at College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Anjora, Durg Chhatisgarh. Dr. Sikka besides chairing the technical session on “Feed Resource and Supplements” also acted as panelist in “Scientist Farmers Interaction meet session”. He also presented a lead paper on the topic “Applications Abuses & Alternatives to the Antibiotics” in which he discussed the excretion of antibiotics in faeces of animals and poultry droppings, uptake of antibiotics by the plants from the soil when antibiotics laden Farm Yard Manure is applied in the fields, the hazards of antibiotics residues in the fruits and vegetables, egg and meat due to the creation of resistance against antibiotics used and thus the  hazards to human & livestock health. Dr Sikka also suggested the future polices for the use of Antibiotics as growth promoters in livestock & poultry feeding.
Dr. M.S. Pannu also Co-chaired technical session on “Sustainable Livestock Production” and acted as panelist in the Scientist Farmers Interaction meet. Dr. Pannu also presented two research papers in the conference. One of his research papers won Best Paper award.

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