October 10, 2011 admin

Mass Rally by GNDU Teachers

Continuing with its protest and discontentment with the autocratic styles of functioning of the Vice Chancellor and the prevalent academic mayhem in the university functioning, the teachers from the various departments participated in overwhelming numbers in the massive rally organized in front of the VC’s office. The entire academic work in the university came to a stand still for two hours yet another day with the teachers registering their protest against the biased workings and unabated flouting of all norms by the VC.
The massive rally was addressed by the members who have been prominent in the protest. Dr. Davinder Singh Johal, Past President, GNDUTA shared with the faculty members the many glaring instances of failure of the system and functioning being crippled at the hands of an autocratic administrator. Dr. D.S. Sogi, Secretary, GNDUTA and Dr. Sukhpreet Singh, Executive Member GNDUTA also expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of affairs at an academic place where the teachers have been compelled to take such rebellious actions for securing their fundamental rights. Dr. Harmeet Singh, a senior faculty member from the Department of Political Science placed on record the plight of the protesting teachers, and emphasized that rule of law is also better than rules of wise men.
Dr. Balwinder Singh, President GNDUTA, informed about some positive indications from the side of the authorities to set things right and restore academic peace in the university, though the things were yet to be finalized. He however also highlighted a controversial order by the VC, seeking from the various Heads of departments the names of the faculty members who have not been holding classes at allocated times. This, as pointed out by the President does not send signals of healthy dialogue rather the habitual intent of the VC to pressurize and threaten the faculty. He clarified the stance of the teachers of being open to a healthy and amicable dialogue aimed at general good and rebuilding a contributory work environment in the university system.
The agitating and protesting members unanimously resolved that they would not hesitate to resort to more rigorous steps if their genuine demands seem to fall on deaf ears and would be compelled to halt the normal workings. It was decided to continue the two hour strike for the week in hand to give the administration time to plan and implement rehabilitative action for the good of the faculty and academic environment, failing which the pace of agitation and ways of agitation will change for worse.

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