October 11, 2011 admin

Sukhpal Singh Khaira to Badal

 I urge Sh. Badal to tender an unconditional apology for playing cheap politics on Davinderpal Bhullar clemency matter and his failure to bring a resolution in the Vidhan Sabha.
By failing to bring a resolution seeking clemency for Davinderpal Singh Bhullar in the just concluded Vidhan Sabha session, Sh. Badal stands completely exposed as a double faceted and a weak kneed politician.
Well aware of the political implications in the run up to the SGPC elections Sh. Badal had announced to bring in a resolution supporting clemency for Davinderpal Singh Bhullar to garner support of the Sikh masses. After romping home in the results on September 22nd, Sh. Badal made a complete U-turn on the issue after having exploited the sentiments of the Sikhs for cheap political gains.
More saddening is the abject surrender of Sh. Badal before his alliance partners the BJP backed by the RSS. In fact Sh. Badal has throughout his political career cheated the Sikhs and Punjab on vital issues pertaining to the community and the state. It is now abundantly clear that the alliance of SAD with the BJP is nothing but a marriage of convenience, that has no common ideology and that they are only partners to the ‘loot’ of Punjab.
Sh. Badal should have had the political courage to bring in a resolution, if he and his Akali Dal were sincere in seeking clemency for Bhullar. The fact of the matter is clear now that Sh. Badal had raked up the clemency issue only for political gains in the SGPC elections and that he never was interested to actually save the life of Bhullar.
The dichotomy of Sh. Badal is clearly evident from the fact that he continues to shield and offer patronage to Sh. Sumedh Singh Saini IPS, charged with the physical elimination of father and uncle of Davinderpal Bhullar. While defending Sh. Saini in the Supreme Court, Sh. Badal in an affidavit has labeled Davinderpal Bhullar a terrorist and hard core criminal with a well organized international base.
In fact if Sh. Badal was ever serious to save the life of Bhullar, this resolution should have been brought in the Vidhan Sabha, when the clemency petition of Bhullar was pending before the President of India.
Therefore, I urge Sh. Badal to tender an unconditional apology to the Sikh masses and the family of Bhullar for playing fraud with the community on the clemency issue.

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