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The mass movement of the university teachers against the autocratic and self serving means of the Vice Chancellor

The mass movement of the university teachers against the autocratic and self serving means of the Vice Chancellor which has been posing threat to the dignity, self respect, and professional honor of the faculty, entered its fifth day. The teachers staged a protesting dharna affront the VC office directed towards creating a just and equitable environment in the university and respect, both in letter and spirit, for rules and regulations of the university and those put in place by UGC and AICTE.
The large number of teachers which had gathered to mark their protest were addressed by many senior members of GNDUTA. Dr. D.S. Sogi, Secretary, GNDUTA shared with the audience the progress made till date in context of the softening stance of the authorities towards teachers’ demands.
Dr. Sohinderbir Singh, Senior faculty member from the Punjabi Department shared his pain on being refused one week leave by the impulsive VC governed by no logic but personal whims. He shared with the gathering the couplets written by him in the anguish of rejection of leave which was applauded by all.
Dr. H.S. Bhatia, Department of Punjabi and Dr. Soodan, Department of Botanical Sciences threw light on the glorious journey of the GNDUTA till date and brought out the contrasting attitudes of the past Vice Chancellors which were far more pragmatic and rational. Dr. Davinder Singh Johal, Past President, GNDUTA also shared with the audience his views on the total situation.
Dr. Balwinder Singh, President GNDUTA, highlighted the support garnered by the teachers’ struggle and positive developments in reaching a conclusive solution. Dr. Singh placed on record the support forwarded by the Punjabi University Teachers’ Coordination Committee (PUTCC), to the agitation of the Guru Nanak Dev University Teachers whereby they have strongly criticized the anti-teacher agitation, whimsical and dictatorial behavior of the VC and the non-transparent mode of governance of the university. He informed that a meeting of the executive of GNDUTA, targeted at resolving the current deadlock was held with the VC and his team in the morning. The executive took the first hand view of the VC’s stance on various demands of the faculty and was in receipt of the written statement of the offer from the VC in this regard. He clarified that the proposal of the authorities would be analyzed threadbare, together with the implications and repercussions at the General body meeting (cum dharna) of GNDUTA scheduled to be held in the conference hall of the Guru Nanak Bhawan tomorrow at 11.00 A.M, to reach at a logical conclusion and decide the future course of action.

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