October 13, 2011 admin


LUDHIANA- An advance training course on “Bee Breeding and Mass Queen Bee Rearing Techniques,” organised by the PAU Department of Entomology began here today. Involving the participation of 45 progressive beekeepers from various parts of the State, the course has specifically been designed for experienced beekeepers, having large apiary units and practicing innovative and scientific beekeeping.
            The Head, Department of Entomology Dr Balwinder Singh, said that the course will whet the knowledge of the trainees by educating them about the bee breeding and mass queen bee rearing techniques with endeavour to rear quality queen bees for different purposes including for their own stock multiplication, for requeening and for commercial purposes. Besides, the focus would also be on imparting training on novel queen bee rearing techniques involving Karl-Jenter and Cup-Kit Systems, told he. Dr Singh informed that the department will be organizing another training programme from November 2-4.
            Dr P.K. Chhuneja, Technical Coordinator of the course, said that the trainees will be equipped with practical knowledge on selection of stock, quality drone bees rearing, establishment of mating nuclei, gyne cell grafting, selective breeding, maintaining queen bee banks and on preparing bee packages. The beekeepers will also be encouraged to rear their own queen bees following rigorous selection and selective breeding, rather than depending on other private firms for supply of queen bees at very high prices.

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