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A meeting of the General Body of GNDUTA was held at 11.00 AM to analyse the written statement of offer from the VC in response to the demands of the agitating teachers. More than 150 faculty members from the different teaching departments participated to view and analyse the stance of the VC to resolve the current deadlock.

Dr. D.S. Sogi, Secretary, GNDUTA and President, Dr. Balwinder Singh apprised the house of the various developments during the past five days of protests and the talks held between the executive of GNDUTA and the committee formed by the VC to do the talking on his behalf. The contents of the letter by the VC were made known to all the members and each of the issue was discussed and analysed in detail. The general body expressed discontent with the intent and content of the response. It was unanimously decided that a show-cause from dismissal of service in the present case of Dr. G.S.Bhalla,  is not acceptable to the teachers. The proposed punishment which is dismissal from service is too harsh and not the least commensurate with the mistakes committed.

The offer of the VC, with respect to change in dates of eligibility for promotion, that the affected teachers can represent the case to the VC afresh who then will refer it for legal advice at local level, and if need be, will be sent for clarification to the UGC, was turned down by all the members. The general body demanded that letters of promotion should be issued to the affected teachers immediately from the date of eligibility.

The offer of the VC regarding the rejection of cases for promotion which said that the teachers can apply again as per UGC rules for promotion also failed to find ground among the faculty members and was rejected being unfair. The general body strongly demanded that the cases of rejection should be reviewed in the light of procedural lapses and illogical grounds of rejection rather than subjecting the teachers to procedural formalities all over again.  

The reply and proposal of the VC in context of non-payment of revised salary of teachers promoted under AICTE norms was again found to be lacking in spirit. The explanation by the VC that these cases were being pursued under UGC norms was hard for the protesting teachers to believe and hence they demanded their revised salaries should be released immediately rather than lingering the case on basing it on erroneous pleas.

The house also discussed the issue of the unwarranted removal of the Head of the Department of Commerce and Business Management, Dr. Balwinder Singh. The letter by the VC offered to restore the headship to Dr. Singh but also made an enquiry into the case as per legal procedure a necessity. Here, the general body clarified that the enquiry in the matter, if necessary, should be held against the Board of Control, the decision making body of the department in respect of attendance issues and not at all against the Head who is only a member of the decision making body.

However, the proposals of the VC regarding the promotion of teachers under AICTE rules, formation of modalities committee for future promotions and suspension of the decision of the syndicate excluding the teachers of University College, Mukandpur from the membership of GNDUTA, were agreed to by the general body members. In this context it was demanded that a deadline should be fixed for the implementation of these decisions as they cannot be left pending for indefinite period.

On the whole, the members present in the general body meeting placed on record their dissatisfaction and anguish with the offer of the VC and the ways of handling such a critical situation. It was unanimously resolved that the agitation of the teachers for common cause would continue and they would continue to cease academic work from 11.00 to 1.00 and stage dharna affront the VC office from tomorrow onwards.

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