October 14, 2011 admin


The continued fight of the Guru Nanak Dev University teachers to garner respect for formulated rules and regulations shows no signs of dying out or reaching a meaningful conclusion. As the agitation of teachers entered its eighth day, the faculty members marked their protest against the insensitive and autocratic governance of the VC.
Dr. Harmeet Singh, Department of Political Science, Dr. D.S Johal, Department of Psychology and Dr. D.S. Sogi, Secretary, GNDUTA, addressed the gathered and resentful teachers. They criticised the indifferent attitude and dubious inaction on the part of VC who is failing to do the needful in such critical situation. They jointly urged the fellow colleagues to stick to the displayed unity and commitment for common cause so that the VC and higher authorities are compelled to listen to the voice of reason.
Dr. Balwinder Singh, President, GNDUTA announced that the intriguing silence and inaction on the part of VC in context of the genuine demands of teachers has resulted in the present deadlock, putting the academic and administrative authenticity to question. In such a situation, the teachers of Guru Nanak Dev University are preparing a detailed document for the consideration of Chancellor of the university which shall be forwarded in the next week, requesting him to intervene in the matter. The Chancellor’s intermediation can help unlock the present impasse and can direct the VC to work towards genuine fulfillment of teachers’ demands.

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