October 14, 2011 admin

Scientific Advisory Committee meet to review and plan the farmer’s welfare activities at KVK Bathinda

Bathinda – The faculty and staff of KVK Bathinda organised the six monthly meeting of scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) at KVK Bathinda. The worthy vice-chancellor, PAU Ludhiana, Dr. Baldev Singh Dhillon attended this meeting in person as the chairman of the SAC along with Dr. Mukhtar Singh Gill DEE PAU Ludhiana. After presenting a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of warm welcome to the chairperson, the meeting started with the presentation of the progress report by Dr. Jagdish Grover, Assoc. Director (Trg.) KVK Bathinda. Dr. Dhillon took a keen observation of the presentation with a hawkish eye for critical evaluation of the same. It was followed by the presentation of the future action plan by Dr. A.P.S. Brar Assoc. Professor (Agronomy). The chairperson then opened the house for discussion during which valuable suggestions from various line departments and progressive farmers of the area and selected SAC farmers were given to speed up the process of sustainable agricultural development and to raise the living standard of rural people of the area. Dr. M.S.Gill expressed his concern about the lamenting condition of peasantry and stressed upon be Farmer’s Participatory Approach and co-ordinating linkages among various stakeholders for solving their problems. He also advised the KVK faculty for technical guidelines for conduction on farm trials. Dr. Dhillon insisted upon the multi-location testing of new technologies at farmer’s fields to reduce the time-lag between the development and replication of the same. He delivered an enthusiastic harangue to motivate all present there for developing critique attitude and commitment towards work for true growth and prosperity of farming community. They meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. APS Dhaliwal.

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