October 14, 2011 admin


The dharna cum mass rally of the University teachers in front of the VC office continued with the same agitating enthusiasm where teachers from the various departments made their presence. The protest of the teachers which was initiated in the last week, showed no signs of dying out and the faculty seemed committed to get their legitimate rights which were being dumped by the indifferent and vindictive attitude of the VC.
Dr. D.S. Sogi, Secretary, GNDUTA addressed the rally and asked the university authorities to create an environment of mutual trust and respect which had been pushed to the backseat in the current scenario.
Dr. Davinder Singh Johal, Past President, GNDUTA, while sharing his views with the members present urged the VC to drop his ego at this critical juncture and to accept the genuine and legitimate demands of the teachers with a rational mind, Dr. Balwinder Singh, President GNDUTA also addressed the gathering and made an appeal to the VC to stop indulging in the frivolous exercises of casting unfounded allegations and creating unbelievable stories every new day. He should, as put by Dr. Singh, rather make genuine efforts to resolve the current deadlock instead of attempting to derail the academic protest. The gathered faculty vowed to remain committed and united till the battle reaches a conclusive culmination for the general good of all.

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