October 17, 2011 admin

Congress urges Sh. Advani to halt his anti-corruption ‘Rath Yatra’ to introspect the rampantly corrupt BJP ruled states

The arrest of Sh. B.S. Yeddurappa Ex-CM has completely exposed the blatant and rampant corruption in BJP ruled states of the country.
            In the event of arrest of one of BJP’s senior most leader and Ex-CM of Karnataka, Sh. Advani has no moral right to pursue his ‘Rath-Yatra’ on the issue of corruption. It amounts to “running with the hare and hunting with the hound”, you can’t indulge in double standards on such a vital issue to hoodwink the people.
            As we are aware the special Lokayukta court of Karnataka has indicted Sh. Yeddurappa on three counts of corruption for de-notifying land worth hundreds of crores in south and east Bangalore, for making monetary gains for self and family as CM. The ‘yatra’ would be meaningless and hollow since the BJP has chosen to shield and protect corrupt leaders like Sh. Yeddurappa, instead of punishing him.
 Besides this, the Punjab Congress urges Sh. Advani to introspect the misdeeds of his Akali alliance partners in Punjab. The Badal family can rightly be termed the epitome and monument of corruption; they have with the might of the state hijacked the trades of transport, cable network, sand mining and liquor in the state. Punjab is neck deep in corruption and is being ‘looted’ with both hands by the SAD-BJP. Only recently BJP ministers had to resign after being caught by the CBI taking bribe in their official residences.
            In case the ‘Rath-Yatra’ Sh. Advani enters Punjab, it would be making mockery of a serious issue like corruption that has spread like cancer in the state, due to the SAD-BJP alliance. The Badals have virtually rendered the institution of Lokpal a defunct body by not providing it with necessary staff so that complaints pending against the govt. cannot be probed. Under these circumstances the Congress advises Sh. Advani to immediately disband his ‘Rath-Yatra’ to first set the corrupt BJP ruled states in order, he should first expel leaders like Yeddurappa and then resume his ‘Yatra’.

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