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Terrorists like Bhullar and killers of late Sh Rajiv Gandhi should be hanged immediately: Bittu

Chandigarh –  The recent recovery of 5 kg of RDX from Ambala clearly shows that the terrorist groups are reviving their activities in the region. The respective governments are talking about commuting the death penalty of hardcore terrorists whether in Tamil Nadu or in Punjab but these terrorists are again trying to kill innocent people of India. Criticising the move to commute the death penalty for the Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar to life imprisonment by the Chief Minister of Punjab , S Ravnit Singh Bittu, Member of Parliament (Sri Anandpur Saahib) and grandson of late S Beant Singh former chief minister of Punjab said that when  political parties like Shiromani Akali Dal Badal talk about commuting the death penalty of these dreaded killers of innocent people, these terrorists reorganize in one or other manner and start their activities of killing the innocent again. This is what has happened in Ambala also. Now will Shiromani Akali Dal Badal demand mercy for the killers of S Beant Singh also?  Bittu said that his family has faced terrorism, when S Beant Singh took the reins of Punjab, terrorism was at its peak and these akalis were nowhere, S Beant Singh wiped the terrorism from the state and he himself became the victim also but now for certain political interests these regional parties want mercy for these butchers of humanity.
Talking about the revelations made by the Delhi police in Ambala recovery also, S Ravnit Singh Bittu said that Khalistani militant Jagtar Singh Tara and his terror module did a recce even after the September blast, which shows that these groups are leaving no chance to strike again in India. Bittu said that congress party has always fought against terrorism, take the case of Late Rajiv Gandhi or S Beant Singh who were assassinated by different terrorist groups but there were also number of innocent people who were killed along. Every time these people strike, the casualty of common man is more than the VIP”s.
Bhullar, a Khalistan activist in the eighties, was convicted in 2001 for attempting to murder the then Indian Youth Congress president Maninder Singh Bitta through a bomb blast in New Delhi in 1993. His conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court. His mercy petition was rejected by the President this year. The Khalistan ideologue had sought asylum in Germany in 1994. But before his appeal could be approved, he was deported to India where he was accused of conspiracy to murder Maninder Singh Bitta in 1993.

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