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Panjab University Chandigarh Zone-A Youth and Heritage Festival 2011

CHANDIGARH: Panjab University Chandigarh Zone-A Youth and Heritage
Festival 2011 shall be organized by the Panjab University at its campus from October
20 -23. The festival shall see a plethora of cultural events spread over all the four
days which shall bring an opportunity for the students to showcase their creative,
artistic and extracurricular skills . Day one shall begin with an inauguration
ceremony, which shall be followed by folk dances. The competitions for  the day shall
begin from 10 a.m.  in the morning and shall include Rangoli making, collage making ,
spot photography, poster making and cartooning to name a few. Day two of the festival
shall include events like creative writing, dramatics, singing and art and craft
competitions being held in the campus at multiple venues. Day three again has a list
of events to cater to the academic interests as it shall see the debate and elocution
competitions and the quiz preliminaries. The concluding day of the festival shall have
spirited cultural performances like group dance and the bhangra. The four day fiesta
shall see participations from around 15 colleges from the city besides the Panjab
University which shall be participating in the various events.

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CHANDIGARH: The second day of the technical fest of Panjab University
saw multiple exciting events such as the robo-wars, junkyard wars and the “shakti”.
The fest commenced with the event “Kaushalam”. It invited plans by the students to
innovate new technologies that are both practical and economical. The event saw a very
positive response with fifteen teams participating and presenting their plans. This
event was followed by “Apaatkalin”, event on disaster management requiring the
students to present plans to make the existing infrastructure more secure using the
most economical ways. The next event to follow was “strategize”. This event saw
participation from different colleges presenting their plans to make the university
greener and more environment-friendly. Meanwhile the most awaited event for the techno-
maniacs was being organized the “robo-wars”. Teams were required to present their
robots which were pitted against each other in an arena. The robot which did the
maximum damage won. “Junkyard wars” required the teams to make a robot from the junk
and face each other. The last robot to survive the battle won. “Shakti” was the most
innovative event of the fest. It included running of vehicle engine using alternate
fuels such as bio-fuels. The purpose of the event is to focus on the use of alternate
fuels to cut back our dependence on non renewable and environment degrading fuels such
as petrol and diesel.

The technical fest “Aavishkar” in itself saw very positive response from the student
and literary community. It saw participation from more than 30 colleges all over
India. The event was attended by an approximate strength of 3000 students.
Participants were of the view that the events gave them an opportunity to display
their skills and technical knowledge. The events were very appropriate in justifying
the theme of the fest that is sustainable development. The organizers and sponsors
were also pleased by the encouraging response received by their respective events.

The event concluded with prize distribution ceremony where Prof. A.S. Ahluwalia, Dean
Student Welfare, Panjab University felicitated the winners with the winning amount and
the certificate of excellence.

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CHANDIGARH: : A five-day workshop on “Tana Bana”, art of weaving
textiles on handlooms is being hosted by University Institute of Fashion Technology
and Vocational Development, Panjab University.  The Workshop started on October 17,
2011.   Technical support from Weaver Service Centre has been engaged for the workshop
which is being attended by the 5th Semester students of B.Sc. in Fashion and Lifestyle
Technology.   The Workshop will continue up to October 21, 2011, the Coordinator of
the Institute informed.

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