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·       Appeal to celebrate Diwali, Pollution Free.
·       Health Teams to intensify raids on sweetshops to check the sale of adulterated sweets.
·       Doctors put on 24 hour duty to handle cracker hazard cases

Chandigarh – Punjab Health Department has been intensified raids to check the sale of adulterated sweets in the wake of festive occasion of Diwali. Orders have been issued to keep the emergency services in the hospital operational for 24 hours to handle cracker burn cases.
Health Minister Mr. Satpal Gosain today issued instruction to the health department in this regard. He also made a clarion call for the public to celebrate Diwali in ‘Pollution Free’ manner.
The Health Minister today asked the officials at the health department to conduct surprise raids over the sweetshops to check the sale of adulterated sweets. He said those eye departments of the hospitals have been asked to remain vigilant to provide timely medical aid to the eye patients. He ordered the doctors to be on duty round the clock. Mr Gosain appealed the public to dial 108 in case of emergency and to contact the nearby hospital/community health center to avail the medical facility.
Mr. Gosain also urged the public to shun away from firecrackers and celebrate Diwali in such a way so as to save our environment from Pollution. He said that lavish expenditure on the firecrackers disturbs the budget of the house on one hand and become the cause of pollution and accident on the other.
Mr. Gosain warned the firecracker factory owners and the shopkeepers not to sell the firecrackers in the vicinity of the residential area. He said that if any person found selling the firecrackers in the residential area or selling the adulterated sweets police action would be taken against him.

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