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2ND World Cup Kabaddi Punjab-2011

Ranjit Singh Preet
The game of kabaddi is one of the oldest games of Indian Origin. Circle Kabaddi is a 4000 year old game The great Indian epic Mahabharata, has made an analogy of the game a tight situation faced by Abhimanyu, Pandava king, when he was surrounded by the entire enemies.Buddhist literature speaks of the Gautam Buddha was also playing Circle Kabaddi for Recreating history also reveals that princes of Yore playing circle Kabaddi and display their strength to win the game.The Indian epic – Shivpurana – gives the evidence of battle between Lord Shiva with Demons to protect Devtas for maintaining Goodness and Humanity. Again transforming with the ages “The Hanuman” of Ramayana times is the great epitome who did remove each and every obstacle by his strength, vigour, character during fight with Ravana.
Further, in Mahabharta times, different kings like – Jarasandh, Bhim, Balrama, Krishna, Abhimanyu, Kansa, Daryodhana, etc. are few examples who make the history of Great Battle by performing rules of fight.The King Chadergupta, Krishna Devraya, Prithviraj Chauhan are further great examples for maintaining tradition of Kabaddi in form of sport as well as battle. Again, The Mughal Dynasty has seen overwhelming examples traditionally played across the country under different Empire.                                                
Raid’sTime  30-Seconds, Misconduct,Warning,Yellow Card, Red Card, stopper (Defender) Holding breath, Dodging, Movement of hand and foot, Formation, Safe Raid, Holding, Offensive Skills, Body Position during Raid, Touching with the hand, Vertical swing of arms ,Horizontal swing of arms, Defensive Skills , Wrist catch or Lock, Over the shoulder catch, Ankle catch and lock, Elephant stance, Charging elephant,is also parts of this game. A raider shall be entitle to 30-Seconds to touch a player of the opponent team or being touched from the time he cross the gateline (pala) and back to his court.
Pearls Kabaddi World Cup 2010 was the first time ever international event being organised in respect to Punjab’s traditional game Kabaddi and was held in Punjab,  from April 3 to 12, A fabulous prize money of Rs 2.2 crore was at stake in the 11-day sports meet
In a historical moment, India won the 1st  Kabaddi World Cup by defeating Pakistan in an interesting match on 12 April 2010 at Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana and won Rs. 1 Crore as a Prize money and a glittering Golden World Cup Trophy. Pakistani team was paid Rs 51 lakh INR as prize money and a Silver Cup Trophy. Third place winners (Canada) paid Rs 21 lakh, and Fourth place winners (Italy) paid Rs 10 lakh.The best stopper award was won by Indian Captain Manjeet Singh Manga and Best Raider award won by Kuljit Singh of Canada. Both players were given Swaraj Tractors as an award. Each team also got a sum of Rs 5 lakh as appearance money Mr. Parkash Singh Badal was listened to pay Rs. 5000/- to each player for every point but in the end announcements this amount was reduced to Rs. 2000/-. A government job was announced for each player.                            
The Punjab Sports Department/ Punjab State Sports Council is organizing second world cup Kabaddi in Punjab from 01-11-2011 to 20-11-2011.World cup 2011 kabaddi event takes place in 16 cities of Punjab. Opening Ceremony will takes place on 1 Nov, 2011 at Sports Stadium, Bathinda and Closing Ceremony will takes place on 20 Nov, 2011 at Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana.14 teams are participating in this event,. besides four international women teams, India, U.S.A, U.K, and. Iran. The winner of Kabaddi World Cup 2011 women team get prize money of Rs.25 Lac and Team at 2nd position gets Rs.15 Lac and team at 3rd & 4th position gets award money of Rs.10-10 Lac. Pool A ;- India, Canada, Australia, U.K., Iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Pool B;– Pakistan, U.S.A., Italy, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Germany.Kabaddi World Cup 2011 Prize Money: The winner of Kabaddi World Cup 2011men team get prize money of Rs.2 crore and Team at 2nd position gets Rs.1 crore and team at 3rd position gets award money of Rs.50 lakhs. The 3rd place 25 Lac, 4th Prize 20 Lac and participating teams would get the double from last year that is 10 Lac. All teams would share a record 3.71 crore prize money..Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal said the successful organisation of first Asian Circle Style Kabaddi at Tabriz, Iran has strengthened the claim of this traditional game of Punjab for its inclusion in 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics.

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