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Noise Pollution in Bathinda decreased on this Diwali

Bathinda – The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) has  found that on the occasion of Diwali night the noise levels in various zones of the city are in the decreasing order, as compared to the last year, but still higher than the permissible limits.
In a press note released here today, PPCB Environmental Engineer Mr. Nazar Singh Manshahia said that the findings of the study carried out by the PPCB show the significant reduction in noise pollution on this Diwali night. According to the findings, minimum and maximum noise level in the silence zone of the city on Diwali night i.e. 26 October 2011 was 61.9 dB and 70.1 dB, respectively, whereas on the last year these findings were 59.5 dB and 94.8. dB. On 21 October, five days before the Diwali, the minimum and maximum noise levels in this zone were observed as 57.0 dB and 63.9 dB, respectively.
In the residential zone of the city, the maximum level of noise was noted as 84.6 dB this year as compared to 105.2dB last year. Similarly, maximum level of noise in the commercial zone has reduced 84.3 dB from 104.5 dB of the last year. 
Mr. Manshahia said that the noise pollution data of the city indicates that the people have become aware regarding ill effects of use of crackers which are the main source of noise pollution in the air. But, a lot of efforts have to be done because the noise level was still found beyond the tolerable limits, he said. Mr. Manshahia said that it is a matter of satisfaction that the awareness campaign launched by the PPCB through media, NGOs and school children has positive impact on the people.   
It is pertinent to mention here that the permissible limits of noise pollution are 40, 45 and 55 dB silence, residential and the commercial zones, respectively                        
ER. N.S. Manshahia
Environmental Engineer
Ph. 9878950514

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