November 3, 2011 admin

GADVASU Immunologist appointed Web Med Central Advisory Board Member

Ludhiana – Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena, Professor of Immunology in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology, College of Veterinary Science, GADVASU, Ludhiana has been appointed a Member of the WebmedCentral Immunology Advisory Board. WebmedCentral global advisory board consists of internationally renowned scientists selected for their expertise and substantial contribution to science. The WebmedCentral, headquartered in UK, is an open and transparent communication web portal for biomedical scientists across the globe based on the concept of post publication peer review, and open access. The advisory board members advise the WebmedCentral management on various scientific and policy matters concerning the portal.
        Dr. Saxena was recently appointed a Member of the Board of Governors and a Senior Expert of Asia Pacific CEO Association Worldwide, an important international economic cooperation organization led by renowned international celebrities, elites and leading experts and composed of CEOs from Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 enterprises as well as other important international corporations and international experts. He has served as a Member of the Steering Committee (8 member elite body) of the Science Advisory Board, USA, a professional online network of more than 66,000 life scientists and physicians from around the world. He was the President of the Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology & Biotechnology and is an Executive Member of the Society for Immunology and Immunopathology. Dr. Saxena is also the Editor of the Journal of Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology Research published by the Academic Journals, New York, a Regional Editor of the International Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances published by Maxwell Sciences, UK and an Editorial Consultant of the Indian Journal of Veterinary Research published by the Indian Association for Advancement of Veterinary Research. Dr. Saxena is a fellow of the World Innovation Foundation, the National Academy of Veterinary Sciences, Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology & Biotechnology, and the Society for Applied Biotechnology.


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