November 3, 2011 admin


LUDHIANA – The Director of Extension Education of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Dr M.S. Gill has advised the Punjab farmers to grow varsity recommended wheat varieties and use right quantity of seeds to get good yield. He told that PAU recommended wheat varieties namely HD 2967. PBW 621, PBW 17 and PBW 550 can be sown till the end of November. Under late sown irrigated conditions, PBW 590, PBW 509 and PBW 373 varieties should be used, he suggested.
            Dr Gill asked the farmers to use seed rate of 45 kg per acre for PBW 550 and 40 kg per acre for other wheat varieties. For variety WH 542, farmers should use 35 kg seed per acre, he advised.
 Referring to the sowing method, Dr Gill said that the wheat crop should be sown with a recommended spacing of 20 – 22 cm. However, closer sowing at 15 cm of line-to-line spacing can give additional yield. Dr Gill further said that to get good yield from late sown wheat, the seeds should be soaked in water for at least 4- 6 hours and should be dried by spreading in a thin layer. For efficient irrigation water use, the crop should be raised on beds, he suggested. The bed should be 37.5 cm wide and the space between beds should be 30 cm. The seed requirement for bed planting is 30 kg per acre and this saves irrigation water by 20 per cent, he told. In order to get good yield, farmers should follow PAU recommended practices for rabi crops, urged Dr Gill.

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