November 3, 2011 admin

sukhpal khaira press note

Badal must explain his double standards on promoting and shielding anti-sikh officers like Azhar Alam ex IPS and Sumedh Saini IPS, Chief Director Vigilance.

When it is poll time in Punjab the SAD headed by the Badal duo leave no stone unturned to whip up sikh sentiments on sensitive issues of Operation Blue Star or Anti-sikh riots. Once in the saddle, Mr. Badal conveniently toes the RSS-BJP line and begins to promote and shield anti-sikh officers responsible for the genocide of sikh youth during the troubled times.
Not only did Sh. Badal give a clean chit to the oppressive officer Sh. Azhar Alam infamously known for promoting black cats or ‘Alam Sena’, responsible for eliminating sikh youth in fake encounters but has gone a step further, by announcing him SAD candidate from Malerkotla. In his usual style Sh. Badal feigned ignorance about Sh. Alam’s cruelty although even foreign media had reported the saga of fake encounters of Sh. Alam in a US cable leakage in 2005.
Similarly, the double facetted approach of Sh. Badal was recently exposed in the clemency matter of Prof. Davinderpal Bhullar case. On one hand during SGPC elections Sh. Badal raised the clemency issue and promised to bring a resolution in Vidhan Sabha and on the other hand he has not only promoted out of turn Sh. Sumedh Saini IPS, as Chief Director Vigilance but also filed an affidavit in Supreme Court of India in 2008, terming Prof. Bhullar a hardcore terrorist with international links. True to his self, Sh. Badal does a double by “running with the hare and hunting with the hound”. The whole world knows that Sh. Saini is responsible for eliminating the father and uncle of Prof. Bhullar in a fake encounter but yet Sh. Badal under RSS-BJP influence not only shields murderer like Saini but also promotes him out of turn.
On the other hand the Junior Badal SAD President in his new found love for his politicized ‘Kabbadi’ forgot that 1st November is observed a black day by the Sikhs across the globe due to the anti-sikh riots of 1984. But Sukhbir Badal has chosen to indulge himself in the extravaganza of ‘Kabbadi’ by inviting bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif by spending crores on them.
Therefore, I urge both the Badals to publically clarify their position on my charges of promoting and shielding anti-sikh officers besides indulging in fun and frolic on 1st November. In case they fail to respond it would be presumed that both the Badals wear ‘Khakhi’ shorts of RSS instead of ‘Kachiara’ of the Sikhs.

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