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Community Ambassadors Program for Seniors



            While in U.S.A., I came to know that the Human Services Department (Aging and Family Services Division).  Fremont, Calif-94537-5006 had formed "Community Ambassadors Program for Seniors".  It was a partnership between the city of Fremont Hammer Services Department, Tri-city Elders Coalition and six other Ethnic and faith based organizations.  The organization is funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  It is a very good idea to make the service of seniors a common cause of various Ethnic and Faith-based Organisations.  I am happy to know that the Sikhs have joined it and Mrs. Jagmeet Kaur is their Ambassador.

             I want to stress the point that the Sikh religion does not believe in the division of mankind in various religions, which is quite clear from the holy Guru Granth Sahib-that human beings have one and the same religion in the whole world.  The holy words are "Manas Kee Jaat Sabh Ekai Pahchanbo".

             Besides, the Sikhs always pray for the well-being of all without any exception and without distinction of caste, colour, creed, age and sex, etc.  Consequently, Sikhs can start a movement of their own to serve the people at large and try to solve their various problems.  In my opinion, the gospel of Sikh Gurus was not confined to the Sikhs alone but it was for the entire mankind.  In support of my conviction, I would like to add that the Guru Granth contains the sacred words of six Gurus and a large number of saints, belonging to different castes and tribes, Guru Gobind Singh had baptized five persons-one Hindu, one Sikh, One Tailor, One Water Carrier and one Barber.  He had declared that after baptism their previous castes had become meaningless.

             I wish the C.A.P.S. success in the noble cause and also wish that the Sikhs must purge their own faith from castes like Ramgarhia, Ahluwalia, Ramdasia and Balmiki, etc. after baptizing and treat all religions equal.  They should treat the so called Sehajdhari Sikhs as Sikhs, provided they believe in the gospel of the Gurus.  Though the holy Guru Granth Sahib, I wish that the people of the world are able to accept the secular message of the Gurus that all human beings have one and the same religion and religious bitterness ceases to exist and religious disputes become a thing of the past, in the whole world.  it is possible the whole mankind might accept the message of the Gurus and the holy Guru Granth Sahib in letter and spirit.

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