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Disturbed Family: Disturbed Souls: Disturbed Society

When we compare our society today with the society two hundred years back, there is a surprising change.  Time has swept away so many evils which bedevilled our society in the past, and mercifully, replaced them with new ones.  Sati is no more in our society, but today’s society has become more sinful and ferocious, when it forces honour killings.  If we take corruption, malpractices, crime, killings, massacres, cheating, debauchery into account, there is hardly anything positive to speak of this society. Leaving ten percent margin as  grace, the whole of our society is crime ridden.  The human figures that flit across are hardly human, or they are human only in shape, whereas they are inhabited by evil in its worst forms. Religion appears to have done precious little to humanize these inhuman and barbaric species, rather these people and these impulses have grown so stronger that they have reduced religion to a formality.

Nothing in this society is sacrosanct.  It is a society of looters some of whom masquerade as social activists, some take to politics, some take to religion.

And these people have made this world unliveable for normal human beings.  More than 80 percent people are genuinely god-fearing. Victims of corrupt systems. Afraid of  money-powered politicians and social servants. System and religion have been hijacked by politicians and religion-mongers.

Such a society needs correction. It needs corrective action. But from where to begin.

How to begin. What to do. All the people are not bad. Only some apples are rotten. But the corruption is on the increase. The crime –empire is expanding. More and more people are joining the blue-brigade.

Before we can do something, let us try to analyse what has gone wrong.

Why people have lost the basic feeling of belonging to each other? Why people don’t belong even to themselves?

IT MAY BE A SURPRISING DIAGNOSIS. BUT let us think of a man who wants to urinate and is not allowed to do so.  Think of a man pressed down by nature’s call but is now allowed to do so. What will happen to them. Very simple. They will be thinking and thinking only of their personal problem. No studies. No meditation. No temples. No bazaars. Only one passion will ride their head.  THE TOILET.

SEX is also such a desperate physical passion. Which is made more intense as it involves emotions also, which are not involved in the previous two cases talked of above. Our forefathers knew well that this urge too cannot be postponed.  Therefore, it was addressed at home. Marriage was the answer to this problem. Once sex is out of the bones of a man, he turned normal for a certain period, till he got the passion again.  FAMILY was the answer to this pressing need. And it worked very well. Family was a stabilizing effect on man. He had a cool head in the morning. A ready mind. A fresh body. And work ,during the day kept him mentally, physically and spiritually fit.   SUCH A FIT PERSON was a very good society man. He would think of his society, his country.  He had his ideas well-arranged, his priorities well-organized.  He believed in religion. He visited temples. He had a mind which could be gathered and stabilized and he could listen with attention to the hymns in the temples.

THAT WAS A SOCIETY which knelt heavily on the FAMILY to produce men of stable mind-set up believed  in goodness, who felt good, and who acted well in the interest of the society.  CRIME was a marginalized passion and CRIMINALS lived discarded lives and were not accepted in society. We have seen so man movies in which many dacoits wanted to lead normal lives, but were not allowed to re enter the society they had hated, looted and discarded.

Our tragedy today is that  we have destroyed the institution of family.  Even if there is a family, it is based on caste, creed, property and educational greediness, not on love and understanding.  Those who live in the family of today are just passing their time, just living, life is not in their control, market forces have destroyed the love which used to be the central passion of a marriage and a family.  The ideas like feminism, freedom, homosexuality,  – all these ideologies have shaken the family from its roots. Destitution in the form of prosperity is ruling the roost.

Homes today are without women. Familities today are without children. Children today are without parents. Parents today dont share the same bed. There is nothing like single living, single dreaming. Each has his different identity, differnt room, different passions, different likings, different floors, different roofs, and different dreams.

Synergy is absent from home. Harmony is a rare visitor. Conflict is a regular guest. No

Different between the world outside and the world inside. Man is singularly alone. Woman is singularly lonely.  Even when sitting in the family, the mind is at work. Passion and passion weave conspiracies. No sincereity. No depth. Nobody belongs to you. You donot belong to anybody.  Specifically, in the family, it is only in name. We are together only as a socialy necessity, not out of a personal emotional bond.

Dear friend, when people, highly dissatisfied people, highly disturbed people, highly insecure, highly alone people issue forth from such a family set-up, what will happen to the society? Our society? These unstable minds, disturbed souls are unleashed in this society in millions. FOR THEM, nothing is sacrosanct. These are the people who are committing rapes, debauchery, corruption and lootings in society. These are people who are manning our posts in icy tops. These are the people in positions of power. These are the people in religious missions.

Friends. Let us come back. Here is a call back to the nature. To the family. To stability. To harmony. To love. To respect. To a society free from crime.

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