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Corruption has become a bargain of ease between the parties in Indian society.  Sadly enough,  it has given a rude jolt to the Union Government and the opposition has succeeded in paralyzing the Parliament in the recent past. Even the Hon’ble Prime Minister has been pressurized to face the JPC instead of the PAC and to speak about the scandals relating to wiki leaks, Radia Cables, 2G scam and Common Wealth games etc.
It appears that the Government is worried about the sad and sorrowful state of affairs and is contemplating how to eradicate corruption. 
I am sure, corruption can be easily eradicated by taking bold steps to do it.  I make some humble suggestions in this regard as under:-
1.    That the Union and State Governments should decide to keep a few departments to handle such as – Defence, Revenue, External Affairs, Law and Order, Justice and Education.  All other departments should be entrusted to Private Agencies.
2.    That Clerks should be recruited to handle the works of the people and their number should depend on the Volume of work in the department concerned and the single window service should be adopted.  Every Clerk should be made responsible for the work done.  In case the papers are complete and properly filled in, the work must be done then and there.  In case, there is some short-coming in them, the same should be pointed out and the work must be done when the short coming is removed and it should not be done for gratification, bribery or under influence or pressure.
3.    That the result of such steps would be fewer Ministers, Secretaries and unnecessary staff and lesser expenditure on account of salary and various perks.
4.    That such single window service system is prevalent in the United States of America where nobody has to return without getting the work done for the reason that the Clerk is not available for any reason or the officer concerned is not available to sign the papers.  In India work cannot be got done for as long as the Clerk is not available.  As a result a work which should be done in 30 days, takes  as long as 18 months and some times, the officer concerned takes as long as 8 months to sign the paper without any reason.
5.    That deterrent punishment must be awarded to the corrupt functionaries as soon as possible.
6.    That the Government in the U.S.A. is working sans Bureaucracy while in India the entire government is controlled by the top-heavy Bureaucracy which is most probably the main cause of the rampant corruption in the country.  India should get rid of this unnecessary burden.
7.    The Indian Government should control population with full strictness and food grain production should be increased through agricultural universities.
I would like to add that I have been writing such suggestions in my letters sent to a Governor, two Chief Ministers, two Prime Ministers and one Hon’ble President of India, by name.  But my greatest regret is that the dignitaries of India have not acknowledged my letters.  I am pleased to tell that President Bill Clinton of USA had acknowledged my letter and had done the needful desired by me.  Mr. George W. Bush, the then Governor of Texas State had also acknowledged my letter.
In the end I hope that the Government would accept my suggestions for the betterment of the country.

– Gurdit Singh Kang
c/o. Dr. Manjit Singh Kang
Vice-ChancellorPAU, Ludhiana

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