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What is NAVRATRI? NAV means nine and RATRI means night. The essence of this is that for ten nights there is worship of ten different energies called NAVDURGA. Actually there are nine goddesses and goddess is the goddess of all the nine goddesses.
What is worship? Ok, to answer this practically I will ask you one more question; what is goal? Or what is aim? Goal or aim or target is the term used for achieving something in the materialistic world. Be it getting degrees or getting job or getting married on bigger front and on minuscule meeting deadlines and schedules, fulfilling daily tasks etc are routine works. But when we do activities like going to temple, doing some rituals, or do meditations knowingly or unknowingly we are trying to do something for our own soul, the own real self. In short any activity done by us wherein we seek help from the universal energies or wherein we try to find solutions through actions done under the influence of belief in supernatural power or energies is termed as “worship”.
When a person prays, he prays to the CREATOR OF UNIVERSE whom we may call GOD. Different people, different societies, different cult believe in the same universal force addressed by different names of GOD, Lord Shankar, Jesus, Lord Buddha, Ahura Mazda and Allah and so on. Scientifically and conceptually it is a known fact that there is one force or one energy which is pervading all throughout the universe. This energy is The Cosmic Energy. But it is interesting to know that only energy can never form the universe or can never rule the universe. The other face of universe is Cosmic Knowledge. Thus UNIVERSE IS NOTHING BUT COSMIC ENERGY & COSMIC KNOWLEDGE, better said is COSMIC WISDOM or COSMIC INTELLIGENCE.

 Another fact to be noted is COSMIC ENERYG is female part of universe and COSMIC WISDOM is male part of universe. Universe consists of both male and female part. Husband and wife, father & mother, male and female, boy and girl, earth (mother earth) and sky (father) are some of the examples of balanced representations of universe. Anything in universe can exist only if it is in balanced state. The question now comes that how to and why to achieve cosmic energy? And if one wants to achieve or gain cosmic energy how can he or she gain it? What comes first? Energy or knowledge??? We can get answers from nature itself. Any baby born on this earth is borne by a mother. Mother is female. Even the plants, trees, fruits and herbs sustain their life in womb of mother earth. Without the female energy of mother earth it’s difficult to even imagine life, leave living. And till the baby grows to a level, where he can survive by himself, dominant effort and care is taken by mother. From these examples we have to believe that female energy comes first.

In short, first one has to get energies and then follows the knowledge and then as person evolves in various spheres of life the cycle of energy and knowledge keeps on going and then ultimately merges in the COMIC ENERGY AND COSMIC WISDOM. It’s not a miracle. It’s a slow and gradual process which we have to understand with patience.

Unknowingly we are not aware of COSMIC female energy and hence we are not able to get full benefits in our life in any sphere of life. This is because our own KARMA and lack of knowledge or lack of wisdom. This wisdom including intelligence and intuition can come only if we are having the divine universal energies in our physical and subtle bodies in balanced state. So how to achieve this balanced state of energies by which we can make success in all spheres of life!!! Success in real sense knows the purpose of life, knowing about self. It of course does not negate materialistic successes.
 A perfect combination of time, right GURU, correct method, pure intentions and faith can make you achieve this. Actually when you do this, you are doing a KARMA or better said ACTION. And each action has definite results. NAVRATRI is one of the right time. Srimaa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji is perfect and ideal GURU (SRIMAA IS ONLY GURU on this earth plane who directly gives you the universal energies) Methods & ways established by her are universal, divine and based on natural laws. These methods are very simple and very effective. Intentions and faith!!! That’s in your hand.

What does NAVRATRI mean? NAV means nine and RATRI means night.  Actually there are nine planets, nine charkas or energy centers in body. And each charka has a male and female goddess. As mentioned earlier, everything is in balanced form; i.e. there is presence of male and female energies & they should be in balanced state. In these nine nights when a person worships these female goddesses, in realty person is doing KARMA to balance his own self. Leave balancing the charka, there are so many negative energies which we have accumulated since so many years that removing them is like removing unwanted weeds spread all over football grounds. We find that we are removing the weeds on one part of ground whereas on other end new negative weeds get sprouted because of our ignorant negative actions. What are these negative energies or what are these weeds? They are simply negative actions done by us physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. And these actions do have very definite results. If a person tries to remove these negativities by himself, it will take much unimaginable time and effort and there’s no surety when and whether you will succeed to remove these weeds completely. But be assured that when you do worships, follow rituals, and practice meditations created by Srimaa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji and her divine and universal energies, you are bound to succeed. The benefits; both tangible and intangible will automatically be there in your life. You will see instant benefits in all spheres of your life if you get through all the nights.

Let’s get into some more depths of NAVRATRI, worship of nine nights. This particular paragraph is for people who have some brief knowledge and interest in scientific spiritual facts and reasoning. Before briefing the reader of the spiritual facts, I would like to request you to accept what is going to be mentioned without putting much effort on your head because spirituality is an infinite domain. Spirituality is a domain for wisest of wise people. It is a domain for people who follow their intuitions, who follow their heart and who are not amused or perplexed by materialistic happenings. Slowly and steadily these devotees raise their vibrations and consciousness under divine, graceful guidance and blessings of their GURU. Today’s’ scientific instruments, devices and equipments are still incapable or proving many mysteries of world. How can any scientific instrument (most advanced instruments of today’s scientific era) of finite potential measure or capture a phenomenon of infinity!!! What we are trying to come to is that, please don’t get bogged down by your own logical reasoning because you will be unsuccessful at this moment to understand these phenomenon. It is science of higher dimensions, consciousness and vibration.

Your browser may not support display of this image. We all know that Sun is centre of all the planets. Earth revolves around the sun on a particular orbit. Earth takes 365 or 366 days (one year) to revolve around the Sun. Twice in a year, Earth takes nine steps towards east on her orbit and nine steps towards the south on her orbit. And hence there are two NAVRATRIS in a year; one in spring and another in winter. On every step taken by Earth, a form of Goddess appears. A single goddess is respectfully addressed as Goddess Durga.  “DURGA”(Sanskrit word) means destroyer of negative energies. Thus there are nine goddesses. And these nine goddesses are addressed as NAVDURGA (NAV mean nine). Another important point to be understood is that everything in the universe is constantly vibrating at certain frequency. And vibrations of everything in universe give rise to consciousness. Let me put forward some examples: There is difference between walking, running & flying. There are different states of mind; alpha, beta, theta etc. There are different atoms and molecules which have different mass and have states of solid, liquid or gas. There are different Gods, demi-gods and they have their own energies and have different capabilities. It’s very simple to understand if we look around us. Everything is different around us. What makes it different is the vibration.

Let’s come back to Earth. Earth is also vibrating at certain frequency. Sun is also vibrating at certain frequency. And both are different. When steps of Earth during NAVRATRI get connected to Dimensions( Loka) of Sun, the Supreme Divine( UNIVERSAL SUPREME) form appears. When these steps connect with the speed of Earth, Ancient Worldy form appears. And when they appear in the human body, the spiritual form appears. Also, the nine planets in the solar system have their own effects on our mind, body and soul.

 We are born on planet earth but we are part of solar system. And hence the position of the solar system(planets) has particular effect on us. This is because our nine major chakra (energy centers) are associated with nine planets. Why do we consider only nine planets majorly? Because we as an individual are in solar system i.e the vibrations of the planets and moon influence us much more when compared to other stars and galaxies of universe. Apart from that each charka has it’s own dominant characteristics (color, taste, vibration, intelligence and so on), function, aura & consciousness. Healthiness or development of individual charka of individual person is always different for different persons. And hence each individual has different characteristics, likes/dislikes, intelligence, body, etc. Different religions, different cults and societies have used directly or indirectly zodiac signs, horoscope, the moon sign, positions of stars at time of birth etc. Since time immemorial these phenomenon are existing and will exist but we have forgot them. We have just forgot all these things under the influence of today’s so called modern or very busy life under the influence of self induced stress, laziness, hatred, lust and other negative vibrations engulfing us everyday. On every day of NAVRATRI a respective form of Devi (Goddess) Durga appears or evolves step by step & if she is worshipped, given offerings humbly and respectfully and if we meditate upon her divine evolvement, we get immense benefits by getting connected to higher universal positive dimensions.

A person who wants to reap complete benefits & blessings of these nine goddesses; NAVDURGA does the worship and follows the following rituals:

   1. KALASH STHAPANA: Kalash means earthern pot and sthapana means establishment. The entire universe is in form of a ellipse. By doing this we try to gain as much energies as possible from universe to wipe of the negativities & hurdle which are going to be coming in coming next six months. Also, this pot automatically gets inscriptions of all the future hurdles for which remedial actions can be taken. Here we are mentioning about the major hurdles which can overturn our normal life. Kalash Stapana symbolizes and becomes the medium of worship of the whole Universe. The worship of Jagdumba is done only on the Kalash along with Sun and total five Demi Gods, Vishnu, Dakshdikripal, Nav-Ghrah etc.

   2. AKHAND JYOT : Akhand means that which is unpartioned and everlasting Jyot means flame. This is again a symbology of universal divine light existing in universe. You can get this Akhand Jyot enlightened only in Sri Matth, New Delhi, India. Although several people keep Akhand Jyot at their homes, but by enlightening Akhand Jyot at Sri Matth, you receive greater benefits and peace of mind. Like there is a difference between the statues of God at home and in the Temple, in the same way there is a great difference between enlightening Akhand Jyot at home and at Sri Matth.

   3.  SIDHSHAKTI DIVYA JYOT- This Divine Jyot is lighted only in The Sri Matth. You can get this enlightened for your problem or any problem being faced by your loved one. This Divya jyot bestows a powerful protection shield (Kavach) around you and provides Shakti into the body, mind and soul of the person.

   4. JAYANTI (Plants): ‘Jaw’ seeds are planted on the first day of the Navratre. As it grows and progresses, the Universe also becomes evident more and more. In Sri Matth, New Delhi, India, the ‘Jaw’ seeds planted by the person directly reflects his future loss or benefit of wealth. Thus he can undertake solutions to save or increase his wealth.
   5. HAVAN (Fire Ritual) The Havan done at Sri Matth, New Delhi India is Supreme. You can receive immense benefits by performing havan in the presence of SRI MAA with special Divine Mantra and Samagri (Offerings). This is the most powerful ritual which a person can perform to get rid of most difficult problems or hurdles in one’s life. Anything offered in fire with chanting of divine mantras create very powerful vibrations in universe which come back to the performer of the ritual. Please keep in mind that whatever you do will certainly come back to you. If you are participating in this ritual, you are very fortunate. There may be many millionaires but this information does not flow to everybody. This is science of vibration.
   6. TEN MAHAVIDYA: Maha means great and vidya means knowledge. This is the essence of NAVRATRI. Knowledge comes through when we take a deep journey within our own self and that can come only through meditation. There are ten different meditations which need to be practiced. It is believed that the opportunity of meditation of the ten ‘Mahavidhyas’ (ten Goddesses) is received by a very fortunate person as a result of collective good deeds of several lifetimes. The bad fortune of the person can get converted into good fortune with the meditation of ‘The Ten Mahavidhyas’. The permanent solution of all problems including harmful planetary positions, disease, hurdles and poverty is possible through these Supreme Meditations, but very few people are aware about the complete benefits of performing these meditations completely. Thus it is rightly believed that a person who completes meditation even of one Devi is definitely very fortunate. In this Kalyuga it is very difficult, nearly impossible for a person to perform the meditations of ten Devis (ten Mahavidhyas) along with puja and worship. The negativity will stop him through several ways like internal thinking, laziness, thoughts, mind, disease etc. People somehow come under the influence of this negativity (evil devilish nature) . There are only a few fortunate ones who do not fall prey to them and are able to attain bliss of ten Mahavidhyas (ten Meditations) and thus receive all benefits. Thus they drink the Divne nectar (Amritpan) even in this ‘Kalyuga’. It is true that all the wishes of the meditator whether related to the physical or the spiritual world definitely get fulfilled through Mantra Sadhna (meditation through Mantra). And if the meditation is ‘Mahavidhya’ then the meditator receives benefits definitely and very quickly.

      Ten Mahavidhyas are amongst the ten grand forms of Bhagwati Jagdamba( Jagdamba means one who is mother of universe; jag means universe and amba means mother.). She is the Root         Supreme Power of the World who is worshiped even amongst Bhrama, Vishnu, Mahesh and other Demi-Gods. She is a immortal Supreme Power capable of helping in every way. The meditator who successfully performs these meditations of the ten Mahavidhyas, definitely achieves totality in his life. These ten Mahavidhya Meditations are the Supreme even for those living in a family – to free themselves of all problems of life.

The person receives totality of ten dimensions, nine planets, nine chakras, ten Devi’s, nine Rasas, five elements etc. by doing the meditations of ten Mahavidhyas successfully.

From the meditation of first Navratra to the tenth Navratra, the person receives different-different benefits-

From the 1st Devi- Complete victory over the enemies, removal of hindrance in property issues, end of all kinds of fears and diseases.

From the 2nd Devi – Receives Incomparable progress, Understanding (‘Buddhi’), Wisdom, Shakti, Victory, Solution of freedom sudden death and accidents, receiving wealth suddenly and incomparable growth in business.

From the 3rd Devi – Hardwork, Beauty, great internal strength (‘Parakram’), freedom from diseases, power to impress (vashikaran), happiness, great increase in age, happiness at home.

From the 4th Devi- Wealth, Prosperity, Great Fame, Great Good Fortune, Spiritual and worldly progress.

From the 5th Devi- Destruction of sins, freedom from suffering, end of hindrances in job, success in political field, inner strength like Iron and Power of Speech (Vak Siddhi).

From the 6th Devi- Freedom from fear, phobias, physical weakness, hindrances due to ghosts and enemies. Increase in Your browser may not support display of this image. self-confidence, inner strength, brave and ability to work hard.

 From the 7th Devi- Bestows a protection shield, accumulation of wealth, property and assets, child, progress in business, great protection and safety.

From the 8th Devi- Laxmi, the Godess of wealth, freedom from poverty, happiness, fame, good fortune, sudden wealth, ability to work hard, gold, assets, mode of transport,  house, business, name and respect are received.

From the 9th Devi- End of sadness, suffering and hindrances. Bestows fearlessness and ability to work hard.

From the 10th Devi- Sweetness in voice, worldly pleasures and happiness, complete happiness, success in work, happiness at home is received.

In reality, the meaning of successfully completing the meditation of ten Mahavidhyas is to awaken the internal Shakti (Supreme Power within oneself) and become greatly powerful from within. Also it means the Rise of the Element of Shiva (Shiv Tatva) within and understanding the SHIVA within our self (Shivbodha) it. There is no meaning of life without Shakti. The one who is powerful (full of Divine Shakti) is the one who is always successful, honoured and respected. ‘Matrika’- (Motherhood) is the Shakti and this is the Shakti of Shiva. Thus all Mantra are the same as Shakti. Devi(Goddess) resides within all living beings in the form of Consciousness (Chetna). The Consciousness which is there within us is the form of Devi. Every Living Being bows many-many times, all the time to this Devi.

   7.   KUMARI PUJAN- Kumari Pujan has a great importance during Navratre. The ‘Tri-varga’ Meditation gets completed with Kumari Pujan. Tri-Varga meditation means receiving wealth, child, grand-child etc. The girls of age 2 to 10 years are worshiped as Kumari.
             First Day: Form of Kumari- Attainment of all Meditations (Sadhnas).

      Second Day: Form of Trimurti- Attainment of Tri-varga

      Third Day: Form of Kalyani- Fulfillment of wishes of gaining knowledge, victory, kingdom, happiness.

      Fourth Day: Form of Rohini- End of Disease.

      Fifth Day: Form of Kalika- End of enemy.

      Sixth Day: Form of Chandika: Attainment of Wealth and great fame.

      Seventh Day: Form of Shambhavi: Impressing the Kings, End of suffering and poverty, Victory in war/ fight.

      Eighth Day: Form of Durga- End of Enemies, Siddhi (Excellence) in Good Deeds, Happiness in heaven.

      Ninth Day: Form of Subhadra- Fulfillment of all desires.

You can do these ten meditation of ten Mahavidhyas (ten Devis) sitting at your own home! You can do these meditations ten meditations created by SRI MAA SIDH SIDHSHAKTI JI sitting at your own home through CD’s or you can even do these meditations through the internet by registration, that too even at your own convenience. According to the Human beings of this Kalyuga, SRI MAA has made this so easy that whenever you have time, feel the devotion, you can put in your password on the internet and perform the ten meditations of the ten forms of the ten Mahavidhyas ( ten Devis) and thus receive complete benefits.

You can perform this pujan on or by coming to Sri Matth, New Delhi, India, only then would you receive complete benefits.

Don’t re-think. Do not let the Devils of the Kalyuga- ‘the negative thoughts’ influence you. Otherwise like Madhu-Kaithab, Mahishasura, Chand-Mund, Shumbh-Nishumbh they will destroy your life even before you know it. Therefore RISE, AWAKEN to save your self and your life. Give-up laziness leaves negative thoughts, receive the Divine Darshans of the Devi, connect yourself to her and attain bliss.

Today in Kalyuga, along with lack of time, the person has laziness, negative thoughts, and several diseases. Considering these problems being faced by people, SRI MAA SIDH SIDHSHAKTI JI has created several solutions and these TEN MAHAVIDHYAS according to the convenience of the people, and gifted them to us. All this is the Shakti and blessings of the ten forms of Maa Jugdumba and of SRI MAA SIDH SIDHSHAKTI JI.

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