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Nishan-e-Sikhi tower

Varinder Walia

 Khadur Sahib: Keeping in view the falling standards of education in Punjab and loss of life values elsewhere, the Nishan-e-Sikhi Charitable Trust under the patronage of the Baba Sewa Singh Kaar Sewa, Khadoor Sahib, thought out to provide attractive venues to students, teachers, preachers, professionals, sports people and the general public in the walk of life.

The Nishan-e-Sikhi tower under construction is in a four-acre land and is financially supported with donations by Thakral family and Sikh sangat. It will provide a bouquet of religious education, spiritual awareness, cultural understanding, historic information, vocational knowledge, national cohesion and entertainment options.

The exhibits and contents already prepared for museum and other directorates will be interesting and of great educative value in multiple fields to the competitors, researchers and other visitors.

In all, there will be eight directorates in the eight-story tower. A team of professionals is on the job to turn the projects into reality. The directorates will include Multimedia Sikh Museum, Training Institute for IAS, IPS and IFS; Olympic Training Institute For Sports, Bilingual Sikh Preachers Training Institute, Drug Therapist Training Institute, Environment Institute, Digital Library, and Play and Learn Institute for Children. All the directorates will be equipped with latest technology of the world so that youth could compete in the fast moving world.

Encouraged with the successful adventure of building up the future of progeny, it was further planned to erect the multi-storey educational centre with the name “Nishan-e-Sikhi” to prepare and help the youth in the different fields to compete in the fast moving world.

Khadoor Sahib is sanctified town now in district Tarn Taran. It was visited by eight Sikh Gurus. Gurmukhi alphabet was modified here by Guru Angad Dev who opened the first school of Gurmukhi lipi and started a planned campaign against drugs at this place.

To enhance the educational vision, Guru Angad Dev Multimedia Sikh Museum, first of its kind in the world, was set up by Dr Raghbir Singh Bains, social activist of Canada, at Khadur Sahib during the fifth centennial celebrations of the parkash utsav of Guru Angad Dev in 2004. Robotic and touch screen technology was used to educate masses about the Sikh religion, history, culture, philosophy and the Sikh way of life.

The projects scheduled for the Nishan-e-Sikhi tower have been planned very carefully and are expected to provide resources for educationists, learners and professionals to help better plan for the future of education in enhancing the job orientation and life values.

Dr Raghbir Singh Bains

Author: Encyclopaedia of Sikhism


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