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Nuclear Deal The Reality

Kanwal Jeet & Hasmeet Singh

Nuclear Deal today is the hottest topic. The whole nation seems to be divided on this in either favor or against it. This whole debate has made left parties look like villain who are against development of nation. But is this the reality???? Why the USA lobby is so desperate to get it signed by India that our Govt. even took the risk of trust for it???? The sad part is very few people of all who are talking in favor know the realities of this deal. Revolutionary Youth Association being a radical youth front takes this responsibility to bring the hidden aspects of this treaty in front of common man.

Two arguments being advanced by the professors/advocates of the nuclear deal are the following:

1. It will solve the energy crisis and provide electricity to the villages of India.
2. It will make India ‘shine’ by entering in the nuclear club.

On the contrary the facts are:

1. The maximum estimate of energy production through Nuclear energy is that it will make India produce upto 7% of its electricity production, by year 2020. at present the value it will amount to and increase of upto 4.4% in the next 12 years.(its too nominal to boast upon!).
how then is rest of 93% electricity going to be compensated for s? the huge amount o money out of the already limited resource, to spent on nuclear reactors and fuel is going to be drawn at the cost f the development in hyde3l power/solar etc. definitely the energy crisis will deepen.

2. The cost of production of electricity is more that 10 times higher than that of hydel power. How is then the ‘aam admi’ going to afford it when nearly 50%of population is living below the poverty line?

3. Under the US pressure over the Manmohan Singh govt. for this nuclear deal. India voted against Iran and lost the confidence o a possible friend with whom the Iran Pakistan India gas-pipeline project was under negotiation and those negotiations now lay suspended.

What is being called as nuclear club is a group of countries who may any time become a danger to human kind by their nuclear capacity. If India becomes its member then it will have to do a lot of things to win over the confidence of the other five neuclear big brothers to get a ‘good boy’ certificate. Those ‘lot of things’ include the support of big contending powers to dominate and exploit the developing nations.

As the deal is being signed with the US for the ‘membership’ to this club so in practice it will become India’s sacred duty to keep US pleased and continue to be its strategic partner in the deal in order to continue as a member of the notorious club.
This is not a mere speculation or panic mongering. It is all written in the exact sense in the notorious Hyde Act. According to Hyde Act America can continue in a 123 agreement with only those nations whose foreign policy is synchronized to that of US. this will be ensured by a case to case and an annual assessment by the US congress.

 What is the harm in becoming a strategic partner of US?

 US is today the major nation which is on a warpath and in a position to build a unipolar world order its own command. this means that all those nations which are still quite underrated on even the very basic social/economic/health/education and living parameters and direly need a strategy of independent self development policies must be arm twisted to subordinate and suspend their programmes to US interests or otherwise ace a military aggression by US and its attaches

Can INDIA (Indians), with a history of 150 years of struggle for independence think in this way?

Are we now going to loose our independence to advocate independence for ourselves and co-developing nations.

Is this in line with the spirit of out history?

Is this in the interest of the poor, uneducated, unhealthy, starving, suiciding and still freedom loving population of India?

 So RYA calls upon all the lovers of freedom, democracy, equality and development for not only ourselves but for everybody on our earth, to come forward and join us in the campaign against nuclear deal by whatever way they can.


Kanwal Jeet                                                                                           Hasmeet Singh

State Convenor                                                                                       Co-Convenor

                              Revolutionary Youth Association, Punjab  


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