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Punjab Wetlands

Punjab has three major Wetlands- Ropar, Kanjli and Harike. These are
essentially eye candy, not only for nature lovers, but also soothe the
nerves of all who witness this spectacle of nature. These serve a specific
purpose to mankind:

1. Wetlands refurbish the depleting groundwater reserves of sweet water.

2. They are home for flora and fauna which have no place to go and are under
constant threat of mans ever expanding footprint.

3. Wetlands are the perenial source of irrigation for this agrarian state.
4. They provide an essential water source to various villages, towns and
cities in their vicinity.

5. They are not only Oasis in a parched land but the lungs of the region as
they facilitate oxygenation of our air with their green foilage.

6. They are home to the winged visitore from far of lands, tourist
attractions, and home to what is left of dolphins, fish reserves and animal
The enclosed photographs show the state of the Sutlej river at the
confluence at harike wetland. The brown Beas river meets the Black polluted
The water at the confluence is highly polluted by Ludhiana and other
settlements, and causes immense damage to man and nature.
It is imperative that the at this World Wetland day :

-People pledge to conserve and preserve the freshness of our water resources
-The State Government perseveres to dissallow pollutants from entering the
river systems

-The Municipal Coorporations and Panchayats resolve to stop throwing raw
untreated sullage into the tributaries

-The Industry to come forward to treat their effluents before they exit
their factory premises.

-The social service organisations to take pro environment initiatives on the
lines of Baba Seechawal.


Gunbir singh

WWF (WorldWide fun for nature)

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