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Role of Teacher’s and Parents in child Education

Parents & teachers has play important role in teaching of child. It is the sacred duty of teachers and parent to ensure your child grows up to be a good and right human being. Raising your children to be good is a necessary requirement to nascent stage needs a congenial environment for further nourishment, similarly students need a congenial atmosphere to attain perfection for their real intellectual development. The creation of real human being comes through actual participatory learning process.

 School plays an important role in the life of child as well as

home. Both teacher and parent put blame on each other and then both blame the administration and society. Without the co-operation of teachers and parents the aim of educational system cannot be fulfilled. In order to from a good character both have to play a vital role in presenting the proper idles. Parents should keep the homely atmosphere healthy and good. This will help them to acquire good qualities and form good character.

 Parent think their job is over when child is going school and teaches thick their duty is just to teach both have to play great role independently first and then collectively to make children successful. More over parent have to give due respect to the observations of teachers about the students and should help then in imparting good knowledge with proper code of conduct where as teachers should perform their duties honestly, with dedication, impartial and maintaining their cool and character as an exemplary for the student.
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