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The concept of ReIncarnation in Gurbani

First of all I must mention here that talking about the Creator bears no rationality, it is a personal belief and experience that doesn’t need verification from those who while following rationality turn hyper – rational. In Sikhi, the concept of incarnation and reincarnation exists, and I shall prove it in detail with the help of Guru’s own words, I will also share with you to see if the expressions that express concept of reincarnation are merely metaphors? The word “incarnation” is taken here as a form of a being taken by a soul. When the soul repeats the act of incarnating, it is called reincarnation. Therefore,
I use the word “incarnation” to clear the concept of incarnation in Gurbani that includes its repetition. If the concept of incarnation is taken away from Sikhi, as I have learned from studying Gurbani, there are many questions about some references given in Gurbani about “after _ death” scenario that can never be answered reasonably, for instance the statement like “nothing goes with the soul but His Name (595 SGGS, 1342 SGGS Mehla 1).” I have been a student of literature, so I am very well aware of usage of metaphors. Only thing that bothers me is that whenever people start talking about “unique Nanakian – philosophy”, (indeed it is) they forget one thing that to prove that uniqueness we do not need to distort Gurbani to satisfy rational – world, and should never try to make numbers by declaring that actually Sikhi is a scientific religion. No religion can be scientific in the first place. There are people out there who are trying to teach science from their religious scripture but unfortunately the followers of that religion have failed to contribute anything of significance into science so far. It becomes a joke if any person does so.
Distortion occurs when people use “ Janam – Maran” as “stages of life,” there are some usages where “janam – Maran” indeed, is used for zigzag which occurs in the life because of joy and pains; however, when there is a direct expressed reference to incarnation, it should be accepted as it is; when some hyper – rational people say that the talk about incarnation is there because Gurus and Bhagatas didn’t want to get in controversy openly so they used it as metaphor or references to established thoughts (It is totally laughable idea though), I wonder what are they are thinking! All enlightened ones have been into controversy due to different approach than the rest of the population, History verifies it. It remains a fact that they have never shown fear while expressing their experience; we shall check that as well. Let’s start with Guru Nanak Dev’s own words, 752 SGGS Raag Suhee, Mehla 1

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