November 13, 2011 admin

On the eve of Children’s Day

Chandigarh – Today, on the eve of Children’s Day, in a meeting organized by Yuvsatta under an Oxfam-India supported Project Bridge and attended by over 100 kids of Bapu Dham Colony, Sector 26, Chandigarh, the first of its kind ‘Bal Panchayat elections’ were conducted with children’s unanimously electing seven amongst them as Panchayat Members. Those who got elected were a girl Ruchi Jaiswal was elected Sarpanch and Meena, Preeti, Rinkal, Suraj, Sunil & Rahul as other Panch members.
Thanking her supporters Ruchi-the Sarpanch shared that in the coming one year of its term, there Bal Panchayat members will concentrate on improving the conditions of education, health and sanitation facilities for the Bapu Dham Colony. They also intend to organize meetings with Panchayat members of local villages to know more about working of Panchayats and their role in promoting active citizenship.
On the occasion Pramod Sharma, Coordinator of Yuvsatta also announced the constitution of a programme cell of Yuvsatta with five young members namely Tarun, Raja, Jai, Akash & Tabassum.

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