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Awards Galore for GADVASU Surgeons

Ludhiana-17-Nov – The Faculty and PG students of the Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana participated in 35th Annual Congress of Indian Society of Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) and International Symposium held at College of Veterinary Science, Kolkata. Research papers on “Comparison of two methods for diagnosis of omasal impaction in bovines” by Drs. Ajay Singh and J. Mohindroo and “Ultrasound guided percutaneous drainage of massive perireticular abscesses in bovine” by Drs. Ashwani Kumar, N.S. Saini, V. Sangwan and J. Mohindroo were adjudged as Best Research Papers in the Imaging Technique and Ruminant Surgery sessions, respectively, and won Gold medals. These papers highlighted the ultrasonographic diagnosis of omasal impaction and treatment of large abdominal abscess using ultrasonography in cows and buffaloes. Omasal impaction is one of the emerging diseases of dairy animals associated with feeding of machine made wheat straw.
During the congress three research papers won appreciation awards. A clinical paper on “A long term study on the management of endemic outbreak of Rhodoccous equi at a Horse breeding farm” by Drs.V. Sangwan, N.S. Saini, Ashwani Kumar, M. Chandra, C.S. Randhawa and S.S. Singh won appreciation award in the Equine Surgery session. A research paper on “Evaluation of propofol and isoflurane for general anesthesia under midazolam-butorphanol premedication in bovine” by Dr. Deepti Bodh, K. Singh, J. Mohindroo, S.K. Mahajan and A. Anand and another paper on “Treatment of degenerated nasal turbinates in a cow” by Drs. T. Singh, S.S. Singh, J. Mohindroo, M. Raghunath, P. Verma, N. Singh and N.S. Saini won appreciation awards in Anesthesiology and Large Animal poster sessions, respectively. These awards will be conferred to the winners during the 36th Annual congress of ISVS which will be held at Anand, Gujrat in 2012.
Dr. N.S. Saini, HOD, Surgery and Radiology informed that 10 faculty members and 12 PG students participated and presented 17 research / clinical papers.  He delivered presidential address during the Inaugural function and said that about eight years back this department started using ultrasonography for the diagnosis of abdominal and thoracic affections of cows and buffaloes. Earlier radiography was the only imaging technique to diagnose forestomach affections in cattle. With the emergence of ultrasonography in veterinary practice, it is possible to diagnose various affections like reticular diaphragmatic hernia, omasal impaction, peri-reticular abscess, peritonitis and pericarditis with high accuracy. Moreover, ultrasound is safe, economical, quick and dynamic diagnostic technique.
During the congress, Dr. Simrat Sagar Singh delivered a lead paper on “Advances in Bovine Abdominal surgery” which was highly appreciated by the participants. Dr. Singh also acted as chairman in Imaging technique and Award sessions. Dr. Singh was elected as Member of the Accreditation committee for selection of Fellow of ISVS 2012.
Dr. N.S. Saini chaired Ruminant Surgery session and Dr. J. Mohindroo acted as Rapporteur in Small Animal Surgery session. Dr. S.K. Mahajan, Associate Professor of the department was elected as North Zone regional secretary of ISVS. During the inaugural function, the faculty members received two Gold medals and one appreciation award which were declared during the 34th Annual congress of ISVS held at Puducherry.


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