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CHANDIGARH/SAS NAGAR, NOVEMBER 28: Punjab is all set to perpetuate the memory of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur at Chappar Chiri, the famous battle ground-5 km from here from where he defeated the mughal king of Sirhind Wazir Khan establishing first Sikh Raj in India in 1711.
    The most fitting tribute, the warrior would get would be by over 20000 decorated ex-servicemen, 300 Lt Generals and Generals, all gallantry award winners of Punjab, who would be led by former army chief Gen. J.J. Singh, first Sikh Army chief of India, who would recall his velour and vow to carry forward his marital traditions.  Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal is all set to dedicate to humanity victory tower, 328 feet high, tallest religious tower in the country, to the humanity on Wednesday. Briefing the media Mr. KJS Cheema, Special Principal Secretary to CM said that the height of the victory tower is 328 feet. There are three decks at 20.4 Metre, 35.40 Metre and 66.00 Metre. On the top of this Victory Tower, there is a dome having the spire of Khanda in stainless steel.  The 8 sides of Victory tower having beautiful arches in increasing order towards the Sikh side depicting (Chardi Kala) “ON THE RISE”. The internal core shell of victory tower rising vertically high up to 82.40 Metres. and the curvilinear side walls sloping upwards with arches on each side.He said that in this structure, a special EPDM membrane has been used which has already been used in many landmark buildings and canals. The reflected image of the tower in the water body can be easily visible during the day light and is approachable for people to get panoramic view of the area.  He added that Six shell structures along the water body and towards south east side of land have been constructed, which are similar to the mounds and have statues of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his 5 Generals namely Bhai Fateh Singh, Bhai Aali Singh, Bhai Mali Singh, Bhai Baj Singh and Bhai Ram Singh on the top. Out of these six shell (Mound), four no are build with the earth and two shell (Mound) are designed with RCC and executed with a special formwork. Mr. Cheema said that In the complex, there is Open Air Theatre having capacity of 1200 Nos. people on the northwest side and will be used for various activities and functions to encourage the culture and attract tourism. This theatre also has a small cafeteria for day to day refreshments. He said that at the entry of complex, structure called  information centre has been constructed and has best historic aesthetics including 4 Nos. minarets.  To go to all the places of complex, path ways have been constructed. There is parking very near to information centre.  To give aesthetics view, rest part of the complex is covered with landscaping including on mound.  Briefing the media under one dome, there would be a theatre in which audience would be able to get emersion experience of war. On weekends there would be light and sound show about the life and achievements of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Mr. Tarlochan Singh, former MP, said that Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was the second warrior after Shiva Ji, who was able to defeat mughals on Indian soil. He said that country has not been able to recognize the velour and sacrifice of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and he was happy that Punjab Government was recognizing velour of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. He said that this memorial would be a guiding force for future generations.   Recalling the rule of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Mr. Tarlochan Singh said that first decision Baba Banda Singh Bahadur took as ruler of Sirhind was to confer ownership right to tillers and every farmer of this country was indebted to him for most significant agrarian reform in the country. He said that he would be also remembered for minting the first Indian Coin by any ruler with the images of first and last Gurus of the Sikhs on the both side of coin. 


(a)    Location        –    Village Chapparchiri, Sector 92, SAS Nagar
(near to proposed roundabout of sectors 91, 93, 92-A & 92)
(b)    Total Area        –    20 Acres
(c)    Construction Cost    –    Rs. 35.40 Crore
(d)    Construction period    –    11 Months (Jan. 2011 to Nov. 2011)
(e)    Component of the Complex
Victory Tower :- 2.     Water Body:- 3.    Six Shell Structure:- 4.    Open Air Theatre:- 5.    Information Centre:- 6.    Path ways and parking:-


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