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LUDHIANA, DECEMBER 2:-Since home is the centre of all activities, decorating the house by expressing the creative and aesthetic instincts makes the ideal place beautiful and livable. Good decoration reflects the personality of the people, personal preferences and tastes. These views were expressed by the home scientists of the Department of Family Resource Management, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), while providing useful tips to the farm women and home makers about the interior decoration. The scientists emphasized the need to develop ability to observe, analyse, collect ideas and make wise purchases while being economical.
            Dr Rupa Bakshi, referring to the choice of colour, stressed that colour of walls should harmonize with the colour of furniture, draperies, carpets and other decorative articles. If one wants dark walls, then light colours in furnishings should be used. She added that ceiling should be preferably white so that enough light is reflected. Use dullest colours for largest areas like floors, walls and ceilings, next brightest for large pieces of furniture and the brightest colours for small accessories, told Dr Bakshi.
    Stating that accessories give extra touch that helps to distinguish one’s home from others, Dr Muninder Sidhu said that they give one’s home a stamp of individuality and show your personality, interests and habits. She suggested that accessories should be hung at or below the eye level and over crowding should be avoided as empty spaces add dignity and restfulness to the room. Use three-dimensional objects for variety and depth, added she while advising to use coloured accessories, especially, in a room furnished in dull colours. Arrange small objects in a group. Further elaborating, Dr Sidhu told that in dining room, pictures of fruits and vegetables, in children’s room, pictures of animals, birds and cartoons, etc. and in drawing room, landscapes, traditional paintings, etc. should be used.
    Emphasising that careful plans of orderly arrangements of furniture are necessary, the PAU home scientists said that at least 14-18” space between a sofa and a table should be there so that the person sitting on the sofa is in comfortable position. Use proper table heights for maximum efficiency and beauty, told they, while advising to arrange heavy pieces of furniture along the wall. Small and light weight pieces of furniture can be kept at angles. Create balance along all the sides of the room. They further said, “In a large room, keep furniture away from the walls as it makes room smaller and vice-versa. Light coloured furniture should be kept in dark areas. Furniture should be in scale or in proportion with the size of a room.”
            By following these tips, one can change a house made up of bricks, sand, cement, iron, etc. into a home. Such beautiful, decorated and well-furnished home will be suitable for all the family members, thereby, making their life more peaceful, happy and enjoyable.

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