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National Agricultural Insurance Scheme

Shimla. December 04 : The National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (Rashtriya Krishi Bima Yojna) will be implemented during Rabi, 2011-12 seasons. The Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd. will be the implementing Agency (IA) of this scheme. The crops to be covered during Rabi, 2011-12 seasons are Wheat and Barley.
The risks covered under the insurance scheme are Natural Fire, Lightning, Storm, hailstorm, cyclone Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Drought, Dry spells and Pests/Diseases etc.
The scheme is on compulsory basis to Loanee farmers availing Seasonal Agricultural Operation (SAO) loans from the Financial Institutions i.e. Commercial Banks, Cooperative banks, Regional Rural Banks and Primary Agricultural Cooperatives (PACs) for the insured crops within the stipulated period. For the Non-loanee farmers, it is optional.
The level of indemnity for Wheat and Barley crops is kept at 60 percent and 80 percent respectively of the Average Yield (Threshold Yield).
The Small and Marginal farmers are eligible for 50 percent Government subsidy on total premium (i.e. 45% as State Share and 5% as Central Share). The Small and Marginal farmers will require paying only 50% of the total premium payable. The cut off dates for accepting the crop insurance proposals for Non- Loanee Farmers is 31st January 2012 whereas for Loanee farmers it is 31st March, 2012.
For wheat crop, units including Tehsil/Sub-Tehsils have been selected for Rashtriya Krishi Bima Yojna. In district Bilaspur, 3 units have been selected for the mplementation of the scheme which includes Sadar (Tehsil) Namhol (Sub-Tehsil), Sri Naina Deve (Tehsil), Ghumarwin (Tehsil), Bharari (Sub-Tehsil), Jhandutta (Tehsil) in District Bilaspur. Similarly in district Chamba, 9 units including Chamba (Tehsil), Churah (Tehsil), Bharmour (Tehsil), Holi (Tehsil), Bhyattiyat (Tehsil), Sihunta (Sub0Tehsil), Dhalhousie (Sub-Tehsil), Salooni (Tehsil) in District Chamba.
Sarkaghat (Tehsil), Baldwara (Sub-Tehsil) Sandhol (Sub-Tehsil), Sunder Nagar (Tehsil), Nihri (Sub-Tehsil), Karsog (Tehsil), Mandi Sadar (Tehsil), Kotli (Sub-Tehsil), Aut (Sub-Tehsil, Chahiot (Tehsil), Thunag (Tehsil) Bali Chowki (Sub-Tehsil), Joginder Nagar (Tehsil), Padhar (Sub-Tehsil) Lad Bharol (Sub-Tehsil) namely 8 units in District Mandi.
In district Shimla, 5 units including Shimla Rural (Tehsil), Junga (Sub-Tehsil) Suni (Tehsil), Theog (Tehsil), Kumarsain (Tehsil), Rampur (Tehsil), Nankhari (Sub-Tehsil), Jubbal (Tehsil), Rohru (Tehsil), Tikar  (Sub- Tehsil), Chirgaon (Tehsil), Dodra Kawar (Tehsil), Chopal (Tehsil), Kupvi (Sub-Tehsil), Nerva (Sub-Tehsil).
In District Sirmaur, Nahan (Tehsil), Dadahu (Sub-Tehsil), Paonta Sahib (Tehsil), Kamrau (Sub-Tehsil), Pachhad (Tehsil), Rajgarh (Tehsil), Renuka Ji (Tehsil), Nohra Dhar (Sub-Tehsil), Shillai (Tehsil), Ronhat (Sub-Tehsil) and Nichar (Tehsil), Sangla (Tehsil), Kalpa (Tehsil), Hangrang (Sub-Tehsil) namely 2 units in District Kinnaur.
For barley crop too, units including Tehsil/Sub-Tehsils have been selected for the implementation of the scheme. One unit namely Churah (Tehsil), Bhattiyat (Tehsil), Bharmour (Tehsil), Holi (Sub Tehsil), Chamba (Tehsil), Dalhousie (Sub-Tehsil), Salooni (Tehsil) in district Chamba and one unit including Nichar (Tehsil), Kalpa (Tehsil), Sangla (Tehsil), Pooh (Tehsil), Moorang (Tehsil) Hangrang (Sub Tehsil) in District Kinnaur.
Two units comprising of Karsog (Tehsil), Bali Chowki (Sub-Tehsil), Thunag (Tehsil), Jogindernagar (Tehsil), in district Mandi and two units including Shimla Rural (Tehsil), Junga (Sub-Tehsil), Rampur (Tehsil Nankhari ( Sub-Tehsil) Rohru (Tehsil), Tikkar (Sub-Tehsil), Jubbal (Tehsil), Chirgaon (Tehsil), Dodra Kawar (Tehsil), Chopal (Tehsil), Nerwa (Sub-Tehsil) in district Shimla.
In district Sirmaur, one unit including  Rajgarh (Tehsil), Pachhad (Tehsil), Renuka Ji (Tehsil), Nohra Dhar (Sub-Tehsil), Shillai (Tehsil), Rohnat (Sub-Tehsil) have been selected for inclusion under the scheme.

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