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Jalandhar, December 05:  Mr Sukhbir Singh Badal Deputy Chief Minister today said that Electorate of Punjab has an option to choose between Vikas or Vinaash of PUnjab while exercising there franchise in the election.
Speaking to media persons at Dera Kahna Dhesian here today Mr. Badal said that the former Chief Minister, who could not lay a single brick of any development project during his five year term, cannot be expected to do miracles in the 2nd term, if elected.
Laughing at the excuse given by Capt. Amarinder in an interview that he could not initiate development in his first term as he was learning the complexities of governance and as he learned, his term came to an end. Mr. Badal said that people of Punjab have already paid heavily due to extra slow learning capability of Capt. Amarinder and they were not ready to risk another five years of non development of the State.
        Mr. Badal said that the fact is that Amarinder has no time for the people of the State as he keeps himself busy in his extra curricular activities. The Deputy Chief Minister said that what we can expect from a Chief Minister who has no time to meet his MLA’s who have elected him as Chief Minister? Mr. Badal said that Captain should the accept the fact that he has only negative mind and no vision for development of Punjab. He was perfect in the art of destruction, obstruction and crafting new abuses every day. Mr. Badal said that what justification he has for stalling the construction of Rs. 19000 crore refineries for Five years? How he can justify of not adding a single unit of Power during his five year term? With what face he can face farmers who were denied free power for 4 and half years? How he can face the wrath of unemployed youth who kept waiting for Government jobs for five years as he imposed ban on recruitment? Mr. Badal said that people of Punjab know the fact that Capt. Amarinder Singh is the 2nd name of non performance and they were not risking to take another chance to retard the growth of Punjab for five more years.
When asked about finalization of tickets for Vidhan Sabha Poll, Mr. Badal said that PAC would soon take a call on this. 

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