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Kabaddi Junior NATIONAL trial in progress

Jammu, 05 December: The General Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir Amateur Kabaddi Association Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Gupta said that the trial in progress for Junior National Kabaddi Championship for Boys & Girls at Green Field Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
All the affiliated units/districts/clubs of the association have sent their registered players for trial which are conducted from on 2nd Dec. to 5th Dec. Green Field Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. The trials are going on under Kabaddi Coaches.
Mr. Ankush Gupta and Mr. Ajay Gutpa, Mr. Anil Sharma & Mr. Deeraj Jamwal further Mr. Kuldeep said more then one hundred Boys and Girls has come forwarded from different districts Secretaries have sent the registered players from their district/clubs for trial. After the trial 20 days coaching camp will be conducted under the Kabaddi Coaches for their training and improving their skills during the camp, the refreshment will be provided to the probable by J&K State Sports Council & outsider will be provided food and accommodations. The state team in Boys & Girls will have to participate in the forth coming Junior National Kabaddi Championship under the age of J&K State Sports Council for Boys & Girls held at Vadotra, Gujarat from 27th Dec. to 30th Dec. 2011
Mr. Anil Gupta President of the association said Random verification of the age certificate produced by the players from the Institutions will be conducted by the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India from the concerned institutions. If any Player found guilty the concerned player will be debarred for a period of three years from the same year. Achieved position will also effected and the association has to return the medals and certificates issued to the players.

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