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LUDHIANA, DECEMBER 5: The experts of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), imparting useful information to the farmers about the horticultural operations in December, have advised, “It is the right time for layout, preparation of fields (digging and filling of pits) for planting deciduous plants in January.”
They told that the best time for the application of farmyard manure (FYM) and compost to the fruit trees in Punjab is the second fortnight of December. Inorganic fertilizers like super phosphate and muriate of potash are also applied along with the FYM, especially, in deciduous fruit plants like pear, peach, plum, pomegranate, etc. “If the growers have not properly covered the young fruit plants uptil now, they should do so without any further delay to save them from frost,” cautioned the experts. The dead and diseased wood and criss-cross branches from the bearing citrus trees should be removed during this month soon after the harvest of fruit cops. Informing that the harvesting of malta and grape fruit will be in full swing, the experts emphasized that the fruit should be properly sorted, graded and packed for market. Young nymphs of mango mealy bug should be prevented from crawling up the trunks of mango trees by applying slippery bands one meter above the ground level by middle of December, suggested they.
To control the citrus canker, the experts stressed that the infested  leaves, branches should be cut off and destroyed by burning. The pruned trees should be sprayed with Bordeaux mixture (2:2:250) immediately and apply Bordeaux paste to the cut surface and the trunk of the trees. They told that the ber trees need irrigation or so during this month as the fruits are in developing stage. If there is rainfall, this irrigation can be skipped, told they, while asking the growers to give another spray with 250 g wettable sulphur or 50 ml Karathane 40 EC or 50 ml Bayleton 25 WP in 100 litres of water per acre, immediately, if the attack of powdery mildew persists. The plants of papaya should be sprayed with 0.2% Ziram or Dithane M-45 (200 g in 100 litres of water) at fortnightly intervals to check the attack of anthracnose, advised the PAU experts.

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