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GNDUTA elections results

Amritsar, December 8  – Dr. Balwinder Singh of Commerce and Business and Management Department from Radical Form elected as the President of the Teachers Association of the Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDUTA).  These elections were held last evening and Prof. Paramjit Kaur Dhindsa from Punjab School of Economics was the Retuning Officer for these elctions.
    Dr. Amarjit Singh Soodan (Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences) elected as Vice-President of the Association.
    Similarly, for Joint Secretary, Dr. Nareshpal Singh Saini (Department of Physics) and Dr. R.S.S. Kaler (Department of Food Science and Technology) are elected for the post of Treasurer.
    Dr. Davinder Singh (Department of Psychology), Dr. Adarsh Pal Vig (Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences), Dr. B.S. Hundal (Department of Commerce and Business Management), Dr. (Mrs.) Viney Kapoor (Department of Laws), Dr. Rajinder Singh Sandhu (Department of Political Science) and Dr. Harmeet Singh (Department of Political Science) are elected as Executive members of the Association.
    Dr. Balwinder Singh newly elected president of GNDUTA said that high on our priority lays the application of information technology to the benefit of members and association to make it a virtual platform whereby connectivity and physical distances are diluted. He said that an interactive website or webpage to align the members and their ideas, opinions and views can lend a fresh breath to the academic body failing to meet on many occasions due to time, place and availability constraints. Posting messages and relevant information bits, inviting critical comments and contributory ideas, innovative view points through IT enabled mediums can lend continuous interconnectivity and draw conclusive discussions crossing all physical and infrastructural barriers.
He said that Systems fortify an organization, systems which are transparent, impeccable, objective and unbiased. Such systems render men immaterial and work for the astronomical growth of the institution and individuals. He said that we believe in strengthening systems and achieving procedural and academic perfection and strive for defining rules and regulations explicitly, ensuring compliance towards these rules both in letter and spirit, encouraging active participation of academic members in all decisions. directed towards strengthening systems and nurturing a culture of healthy participation of one and all.
He said that the teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They are regarded as the nation builders by virtue of their steered and value driven knowledge dissemination.  Since the epical times the contributions of teachers are held exemplary and acknowledged in unison by all.
He said that for the bigger missions and motives, to reap the benefits of associated efforts and to create an enviable name for our university and association, We together can make the difference and turn dreams into reality.

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