December 9, 2011 admin

College Teachers awaits Govt. decision

48 hour cease work by College Principals teachers and non-teaching staff concluded today. Saturday will be normal working day. However, intensification of the agitation will be announced tomorrow.
Dr. Jagwant Singh, General Secretary, JAC said they have responded to the meetings with the Govt. on Dec 6 by sparing university exams from boycott for the time being. They are now waiting for the information regarding Govt. decisions. He said that they are most reluctant agitators and the agitation has been thrust upon-them. He pointed out that
(a)    Punjab is the only state which has not implemented pension-gratuity scheme for aided colleges. Is it wrong to demand from the Chief Minister that the decision taken by his Cabinet on Dec 12, 2001, which remains unimplemented till know should be implemented?
(b)   Is it wrong to demand that if pay scales and allowance for teaching staff in aided colleges have been revised w.e.f. 1.1.2006, same should be done for non-teaching staff?
(c)    Is it wrong to demand that if Govt. is charging fee from students, it should provide them teachers also by lifting the ban on recruitment?
(d)   Is it wrong to demand that please respect Supreme Court of India and bring amendment for Educational Tribunal in tune with its judgment?
(e)   Is it wrong to demand that the arrears should be paid on the pattern of other employees and due salary grant for last 6 months be released?
It is clear that the agitation has been thrust upon teachers.

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