December 10, 2011 admin

International Human Rights Day 2011 was celebrated in PU by NSUI

Over 50 students gathered at Gandhi Bhawan under the leadership of Sunny Mehta, National Delegate NSUI. The students held a peace march from Gandhi Bhawan to Students Centre and protested against the violation of students’ rights in the University.
While speaking on the occasion, Sunny Mehta condemned the permanent imposition of Section 144 in various parts of the University Campus. Preventing the students from staging peaceful protests outside the administrative offices is a blatant violation of students’ human rights.
Sunny claimed that even in the USA, the citizens are respectfully felicitated to protest peacefully right in front of the White House, but our Vice Chancellor is so afraid of protests that he has resorted to illegal imposition of Section 144 to crush the students’ rights.
Peaceful protests are allowed in all the leading universities of India including Delhi University, Jawahar Lal Nehru University of Delhi, HP University etc. Only our Panjab University is hell-bent to crush the democratic rights of students.
Sunny demanded that ours is a peaceful campus, and imposition of Section 144 should be immediately lifted from the campus. The Vice Chancellor should have a positive attitude towards students’ issues, rather than the draconian style of working, which he has been practicing lately.
Sunny also demanded appropriate representation of the students in the university senate and Syndicate. Students’ community has not been given any voice in the highest decision making bodies of the university, where all decisions are taken.

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