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Chandigarh DECEMBER 12: Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Member Parliament from Bathinda constituency, today said that Congress was deliberately keeping Prime Minister out of Lokpal to save PM-in-waiting, Mr. Rahul Gandhi away from the heat of future prosecution.
            In a statement issued here today, Mrs. Badal said that Congress led UPA government was using the honesty of Dr. Manmohan Singh as a facade to safeguard the interest of 10 Janpath that was the direct beneficiary of Bofors kickbacks  and multi thousand crore scam haunting the present government. She said that Congress party on one hand was using CBI to arm-twist its political opponents and to keep CBI in its control it wants toothless Lokpal. Questioning the rationale of keeping Group C employee out of Lokpal’s preview, Mrs Badal said by keeping out thousands of cutting edge bureaucracy that directly interacts with public, Congress was making mockery of Lokpal institution.
            The Member Parliament said that Congress led UPA government after making record in corruption was determined to come out with a dummy Lokpal Bill. She said that NDA and Shiromani Akali Dal had been demanding an effective and strong Lokpal that should cover all bureaucracy including group C employees but Congress had been using various excuses to keep CBI, Group C employees and PM out of purview of Lokpal.
            Mrs. Badal said that people of Punjab have already made up their minds to decimate Congress party from the electoral scene and punish it for unprecedented corruption and record price hike of essential commodities. She said that the massive response being received by SAD-BJP in various rallies was indicative of the fact that people of Punjab have decided to honour Shiromani Akali Dal with a repeat term.
            Vowing to expose the misdeeds of Congress led UPA government Mrs. Badal said that SAD-BJP government would continue struggle till Parliament passes the bill for

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