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Chandigarh December 13 – The Punjab government today asked the center to suitably relax the condition of TET ( Teacher Eligibility Test) for recruitment of the EGS teachers in the state s a one time measure.
  In a statement here , the Education Minister Mr. Sewa Singh Sekhwan said  that the Chief Minister Mr. Parkash SIngh Badal was fully symathetic to the problems of the EGS teachers and wanted to help them. But the government of India laws came in the way of his doing it.
  Mr. Sekhwan said that the issue had come for discussion during a meeting which the representatives of the EGS teachers had with Mr. Badal at the latter’s residence in Chandigarh yesterday. He said that during the meeting, Mr. Badal had assured the representatives  that the Punjab government would go an extra mile to facilitate the recruitment of these candidates by seeking a special one-time relaxation for the existing teachers in this category. He said that the Punjab government treated these teachers as "our own children" and was keen to help them. But the stipulation of TET laid by the government of India for all such recruitment came in the way. "Any order issued by us in violation of the standing rules would render the order infructuous and illegal, landing both the teachers and the government in an embarrassing position,
     Mr. Sekhwan further recalled that Mr. Badal had in the past also gone out of his way to help these candidates gain eligibility as teachers by helping them get the ETT certificates, even relaxing several conditions that came in the way.
     Mr. Sekhwan appealed to the EGS teachers to help the government fight their case with the Government of India and not to hit the agitation path.

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