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Dr Avtar Singh becomes first orthopedic surgeon in Punjab to become a fellow of BOA- UK based Association

Amritsar December 14, 2011-The British Orthopedic Association (BOA) conferred its coveted fellowship on Dr Avtar Singh Head of the Orthopedic Department at Amandeep hospital, for his matchless work in evolving a new technique that helps to re-unite bone fractures caused due to High impact injury in accidents.
This makes Dr Avtar Singh the first orthopedic from Punjab to become a fellow of the UK based Association, that has 12 other Indian doctors as fellows with three Indians being honored with fellowships this year. The other two, includes Prof Anil Dhal HOD Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi and Dr Raju Vaishya, Chief consultant Orthopedics, Apollo Hospital.
Dr Avtar Singh made a presentation before the BOA on the technique of “Augmentation and bone grafting” that earned him the prestigious FBOA (Fellow British Orthopedic Association).                  
Explaining about the technique after his fortnight long stint in five UK hospitals, sharing the technique that has brought relief to many patients whose bones failed to heal, the noted orthopedic said the technique allows re-surgery to fractured bone, after the previous surgeries have failed to unite the bones “The main hitch in using plinths amongst surgeons’ world over, was that it was feared to cause hindrance to blood circulation.”
“However, I was able to overcome this hurdle wherein blood circulation flowed naturally and have a huge sample of 200 patients who responded well to this technique.”
Dr Avtar recorded his exemplary work spread over past 10 years on 200 patients who had suffered high impact injuries in road accidents, and their bones were not healing despite multiple operations. Majority of these patients (2/3rds) were male, before BOA. And recorded that there was cent percent recovery result in the entire sample of patients, he stated.
 This also included ‘slow healers’ including diabetics, smokers or having developed infections. In May, this year the noted orthopedic had made a similar presentation at Hospital Rubber International in Barcelona, Spain.
Significantly the technique has given 100 percent success in patients while in conventional methods the success rate differs from 40 to 80 percent besides which the patient was made to wait for 9- months in excruciating pain for the next surgery. The earlier method not only caused a long period of unbearable pain and disability but often led distrust among patients and their attendants questioning the surgeon’s capability, not knowing that “some bones also behave badly.”
Talking about the accident record of the state of Punjab causing high impact fractures according to police files, Dr Avtar stated data collected through police records, as many as 311 persons die in road accidents every month and there is 13 percent increase in accidents in 2010 compared to previous year. Significantly, as many as 90 percent of those injured, had become handicapped for life and incapable to handle their work.

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