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Sarchand’s own village panchayat is not with him, call him traitor

Amritsar Dec 16, 2011: Former Media Advisor of Youth Akali Dal Prof. Sarchand Singh who is an opportunistic and joined the Congress recently, has his own village panchayat Khiala revolting against him. They have called him `traitor’ and addressed a media conference saying that out of 2700 total votes in the village, he got merely 38 votes and was badly defeated in the last panchayat elections but he is claiming to be a `big shot’ now.
Youth Akali Dal Senior Vice President Rana Ranbir Singh Lopoke, Shiormani Gurudwara panbandhak Committee member and Member general council SAD (B) Surjit Singh Bhittewid were present when the village Sarpanch Sarbjit Singh made a scathing attack on Sarchand. He said Sarchand is an opportunistic and person with no integrity, whose links with the former terrorists and Khalistani ideology are well-known. “Nothing can be expected from him but the back-stabing. If he want an open debate he should come to his own village panchayat first. He is of no stature of Bikram Majithia to indulge in a debate with him’’, said sarpanch Sarbjit Singh.
Vice President of Block Samiti Chogawana Harpal singh Khiala who belongs the village and was present during the press conference said that Sarchand has a history of disloyalties and if he has gone to the Congress even his family is not with him. He said in the past, sarchand had earlier back-stabbed the Sikh Students Federation and other organizations and now the youth Akali Dal. “With his going away from the youth Akali dal, the Dal had been purified of the pollution that Sarchand was’’, said he.

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